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About 600,000 sodiers in the North and South had been killed.

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the south were the confedrate soldiers An the north were the union soldiers

There were 9 total soldiers. 5 in the north, why they won, and 4 in the south. This was after hours of research. Actually this would probably be the ratio of North to South if you actually look it up then you will find that there were millions of soldiers fighting in the Civil War

North won due to higher quantity of soldiers.

American soldiers from the North and Confederate soldiers from the South, shot at each other and died.

their soldiers were killed in the first war and some womens were the spy in the north who was giving information to south .

According to recent numerical research and records, the north had a few more casualties than the south during the Civil War, or the battle between North and South. The south suffered 490,309 soldiers killed, wounded, captured or missing, while the north suffered 596,670.

Cornbread was eatin in the south and north during the civil war time

The civil war soldiers viewed the war between the North and South as a new kind of conflict because it was the first war Between the States.

1 billion for the south and 4 billion for the north

Soldiers in the US Civil War died mostly from disease and poor hospital care in hospitals. The remainder died during the many battles between the North and the South.

The soldiers who fought for the South, in the American Civil War were called, "rebels."

In the US Civil War, Confederate soldiers from the South fought against Union soldiers from the North. Both sides had to resort to conscription to keep their armies at full strength. The South passed draft laws first then the North had to do the same.

The south had more soldiers who were able to cope with the woods the suroundings

The South killed more than the North.

In the US Civil War, the large population in the Northern states allowed to field many more troops than the South. During the US Civil War, the Union had as many as two million soldiers in uniform. The South had fewer than 900,000 troops in total.

Each side in the US Civil War suffered hardships. One that was shared by the North and the South was the recruitment of new soldiers to take the place of soldiers whose enlistments were over. The draft laws of each side were often not sufficient to replace soldiers who had been killed, died by disease or whose enlistments were over.

The North wore blue uniforms, the South wore grey uniforms.

The North had more casualties but the south had a greater percentage of the total population killed.

The total number killed was almost 500,000 men for the North and South.

The North had more weapons than the South. There were also more soldiers,because most of the population in the South were slaves,and slaves couldn't fight in the war.

North: Union South: Confederacy

The north and the south fought against each other in the civil war.

In the US Civil War, the soldiers of the north wore a dark blue uniform, and the soldiers of the south wore gray uniforms. The war is still remembered in terms of blue vs. gray.

The north won the civil war.

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