How many songs can you save in real player?


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Well i don't really know but some of my music on real player got deleted and put into a real player file which was a whole bunch and there was so much it had to be stored in a file.

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A 2GB Mp3 player will almost save 480 or 500 songs. By keeping an average of 4 min. per song a 2gb mp3 player can store 500 songs.

961. 299 of those are county songs!!

you can open limewire then save it then download it to windows media player

its simple first install the real player in your system after open the YouTube and search your Favorited song and, then see the video's right up side coming one real player option click the download this video and choose save this video option simple..........................!

Real player plus is used to watch videos online. Real player plus can be used to download, save, and convert videos to multiple formats, burn HD videos, and share with friends.

the eaisest way to do this is if you have windows media player you can select burn a CD insert a CD-r or rw choose your songs and start the burn

boy with luv , dna , sprind day , save me and many many more !

you have to make an new folder and save all of your media fire songs to that folder. you do that by clicking download song and then it will give an optoion of open or save and hit save.

You can save about 40-50 depending on the songs megabite! Hope this helps you :8-)

The songs are already downloaded into either your My Documents folder or C:\Shared. There is no need for a save button, as they are already "saved."

you have to pay so you can save songs.

Go up to File, click Save As, type in what you want to save it as, then click Save.

Import songs into iTunes. Sync with iPad.

yes you click on the export to windows media hyperlink and you can save it in a playlist to listen anywhere

The real question is , why not save the chinchilla.

Free Wisin Y Yandel Songs can be accessed easily through this website: download and save it in your media player!Resource:

folk songs instrumental and vocal songs love songs tragic songs manner songs tata songs save songs blah blah songs atbp. BOOSH!!XD

We have to install real player(latest version). When we play any song from orkut then it gives you the option of downloading the current playing song. when we click on the popuped option then it asks for the path where we want to save it on local system. Like this we can save songs not only from orkut but from any video clip from any site. --- Prashant

you can get soundtap or download a program to record your screen and then just record the audio from youtube and save it to music. windows media player! easy! it is free!

Do you mean you have already deleted or lost some Songs off your MP3 player? If yes, then take a MP3 recovery tool as soon as possible before those songs are overwritten. Also remember - not to save more files to the player before recovery.

right click and press save link as and save into window

download free music or from a CD that you have already. Burn the CD into windows media player and then save it into your documents, then obviuosly open it in w. media player. Hope this has helped Good luck :)

Usually, theres many youtube-mp3 converters. I have used them myself before. Try searching that.

It will save songs if you hit the Save Song box in the bottom-left-handcorner of the program.

If you are using Windows Media Player and turn off Random It should play in the playlist you put it in.

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