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Sinatra is shown with composer credits on seven songs (on which he actually contributed lyrics):

* I'm A Fool To Want You (m-Joel Herron, w-Jack Wolf & Frank Sinatra) 1952 * Mistletoe And Holly (m/w-Dok Stanford, Hank Sanicola & Frank Sinatra) 1957 * Mr. Success (m-Edwin Greines, w-Hank Sanicola & Frank Sinatra) 1958 * Peachtree Street (m/w-Jimmy Saunders & Frank Sinatra) 1950 * Shelia (m/w-Christopher Hayward, Frank Sinatra & Robert Staver) 1950 * Take My Love (m-Joel Herron, w-Jack Wolf & Frank Sinatra) 1950 * This Love Of Mine (m/w-Sol Parker, Hank Sanicola & Frank Sinatra) 1941

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Q: How many songs did Frank Sinatra write in his life?
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How many albums did Frank Sinatra sell?

Frank Sinatra sold a total of 150,000,000 albums in his life time. They continue to sell today!

When did Frank Sinatra record that's life?


What are the release dates for Mr- S My Life with Frank Sinatra - 2009 SUSPENDED?

Mr- S My Life with Frank Sinatra - 2009 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2009

Who played Frank Sanatra's life in a movie?

Philip Casnoff played Frank Sinatra in the biographical TV movie Sinatra (1992)(TV).

Who sang the song 'My Way'?

Old' Blue Eyes, aka Frank Sinatra. Yes, Frankie was the original. Then came Elvis Presley's version, which was not a bad one. It certainly described the way he lived life, the same as Frank Sinatra.

Why is miss frank called miss frank?

They callled miss frank because they got together sing a "Frank" Sinatra song that's life at boot camp hence the name miss frank

When was the record that's life by frank Sinatra made?

"That's Life" was recorded in 1966 under Reprise Records. Sinatra founded Reprise Records in 1960, it is now owned by Warner Music Group.

Who wrote the song sung by frank Sinatra that's life?

just wanna know the answer...nothing more

How do you use the word crooned in a sentence?

Frank Sinatra crooned a love song or two in his life.

How many songs did Frank Zappa write in his life?

Somewhere in the region of 1000 original pieces of music, including songs, were published on official albums. Bootlegs contain many more, plus there are still unreleased songs in the vault.

Why was Frank Sinatra expelled from high school in the early life?

Sinatra never finished high school , but, I think much of this story is legend. If it is true at all I suspect it was for truancy. Sinatra kidded about it in a funny monolouge in his "Sinatra at the Sands" performance claiming the principal called his father in saying "get him out".

What did Frank Sinatra mean by when he sang that song I did it my way?

He meant that he did it essentially his way. He usually did it to close his shows and ultimately his life.

How many movies did Frank Sinatra make?

1) Lew Irwin in "Sinatra , A Life Remembered" numbered 53 movies . 2) Gene Ringgold & Clifford McCarty in "The Films of Frank Sinatra" recovered 59 movies and 8 miscellanea . Does anybody have any other version ? Please, add it !!!!

Why doesn't Eminem write songs about rainbows?

If you were a rapper that had his dad leave him when he when he was only 2 and had a rough life, would you write songs about rainbows? No id write songs about my dad leaving me and having a rough life. That's what rappers rap about. Real life.

Has frank Sinatra been on a us postage stamp?

Yes, I believe the Sinatra postage stamp was unveiled in 2008 or so. The USPS has to wait 10 years after the end of a personalities life before giving them this honor.

Why Did Pual Anka wright your way for frank Sinatra?

Anka wrote the song "My Way" and Sinatra released it in 1969 and soon after announced his retirement from Show Business. Anka admired Sinatra and felt the lyrics fit his personality and helped to tell his story at that time in his life and career.

What is I'm going to live till i die mean by frank Sinatra?

You make the most of your life, up until the very end.

Do the veronicas write their own songs?

They write most of their own songs. Two examples are Revenge is Sweeter and In Another Life

Do songs have to relate with the singer's life?

They can, but songs can be written about anything that the songwriter wants to write about.

How do you write songs like my chemical romance?

They tell stories with their songs, so just pick a topic you think is appropriate and some songs! Also you can write songs about your feelings and life as well.

Songs that relate to anne Frank's diary?

life is beautiful by vega 4

Which father daughters have had separate no 1 hits?

Frank / Nancy Sinatra. Frank many, Nancy "Boots" Pat / Debbie Boone. Pat, several, Debbie "You Light Up my Life"

Frank Sinatras nick name?

Sinatra had several nick names during his life. He was known as The Voice, Ol' Blue Eyes and The Chairman of the Board.

When did Frank Sinatra record The Good Life?

I believe 1963-64. It's on the Reprise Album "It Might As Well Be Swing" with Count Basie and his Orchestra.

Top 5 ranked frank Sinatra songs?

1 Luck be a lady 2 I've got you under my skin 3 Strangers in the Night 4 The lady is a Tramp 5 That's life Five places is too few to places to compare Frank's many greats