Frank Sinatra

How many songs did Frank Sinatra write in his life?

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2015-07-16 18:24:04

Sinatra is shown with composer credits on seven songs (on which

he actually contributed lyrics):

* I'm A Fool To Want You (m-Joel Herron, w-Jack Wolf & Frank

Sinatra) 1952 * Mistletoe And Holly (m/w-Dok Stanford, Hank

Sanicola & Frank Sinatra) 1957 * Mr. Success (m-Edwin Greines,

w-Hank Sanicola & Frank Sinatra) 1958 * Peachtree Street

(m/w-Jimmy Saunders & Frank Sinatra) 1950 * Shelia

(m/w-Christopher Hayward, Frank Sinatra & Robert Staver) 1950 *

Take My Love (m-Joel Herron, w-Jack Wolf & Frank Sinatra) 1950

* This Love Of Mine (m/w-Sol Parker, Hank Sanicola & Frank

Sinatra) 1941

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