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There are thirteen species of guinea pigs. There are 8 species of guinea pig but only the Domestic Guinea is kept as a pet.

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How many kinds of guinea pigs are there?

There are eight species of guinea pig but only the Domestic Guinea is kept as a pet.

Are guinea pigs considered an endangered species?

No. Guinea pigs are one of the most over-populated species of animal. Everyone should adopt a guinea pig to avoid them suffering. Please save the guinea pigs!

Are capybara related to guinea pigs?

Yes, capybara are related to guinea pigs. There are about 150 different species of guinea pigs and capybara look much like guinea pigs but bigger.

Do guinea pigs turn into pigs as they get older?

No. Baby pigs are called piglets. Guinea pigs are a completely different species of animal.

Are guinea pigs alergic to anything?

Some guinea pigs are allergic to some foods, however guinea pigs as a species are not particularly allergic to anything.

How many legs do hamster and guinea pigs have?

Four legs for both species

How many guinea pigs do guinea pigs have?

I have three

Can guinea pigs get aids?

No. AIDS does not cross species.

How many in a litter of guinea pigs?

the average is 4 guinea pigs

How many teeth do guinea pigs have?

guinea pigs have 24 teeth

What is the guinea pig closely related to?

Guinea Pigs are closely related to the species of Cavy.

Can rabbits have babies with guinea pigs?

No. You have to be the same species to mate.

Are bears related to guinea pigs?

No because their different species

If your guinea pig squeaks what does it mean?

Guinea pigs communicate by squeaking. Studies have found that guinea pigs actually call their owners by squeaking, and they're one of few species that do this.

What color are guinea pigs?

Guinea Pigs come in as many colors and color combinations

Do wild dogs eat guinea pigs?

Wild Dogs are a species native to Africa. Guinea Pigs are a species native to South America. As they are on different continents the Guinea pig would not form part of the natural diet of a Wild Dog.

How much are guinea pigs at pet world?

Please do not buy guinea pigs! You can adopt them in many places. Learn more about guinea pigs at

Why does candy kill guinea pigs?

Many foods are toxic to guinea pigs such as chocolate, guinea pigs can also choke on small hard candy.

Are there any guinea pigs in India?

yes, there are about 50 species in India.

What other species can guinea pigs be kept together with?

rabbits I think

Are guinea pigs endangered species?

Nope, they are common household pets.

Are guinea pigs half rabbit and half hamster?

No, they are their own species.

Can guinea pigs and rabbits mate?

Sometimes rabbits will try and mate with guinea pigs no matter what sex they are. However the rabbit cannot impregnate the guinea pig because it is a different species.

Can you cross a guinea pig with a possum?

No, guinea pigs and possums can't be crossed. Guinea pigs are Eutherians while possums are marsupials. Species as far apart as these simply can't be crossed.

Can a hamster have babies with a guinea pig?

No, Hamsters and Guinea pigs are two different species and therefore can not breed.

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