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Q: How many species of tigers are still alive?
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How many Bengal tigers are still alive and in the wild now?

about 2000 or 20000 or so

How many types of tigers are in the world and what are there names?

There's 8 species of Tigers but 3 have gone extinct. The species are: Still Alive: Sumatran Tiger Bengal Tiger Indochinese Tiger South China Tiger Amur (Siberian) Tiger Extinct: Caspian Tiger Bali Tiger Javan Tiger

How any species of tigers in the world?

There are many species of Tigers in the world. The ones that are currently alive in the wild are:Siberian TigerBengal TigerIndochinese TigerMalayan TigerSumatran TigerSouth China TigerThe extinct species of Tiger are:a. Bali Tigerb. Javan Tigerc. Caspian Tiger

How many white tigers are still alive rihgt now?

None has been seen.....?for 50 years?? .........????WROTE IN : 2013?

How many spieces fo tigers are there?

There are 9 species of tigers 3 of them are extinct

How many Indian tigers are alive today?


How many known animals have gone extinct?

Many species of tigers

Why we save tigers?

Because they are critically endangered, especially the siberian tiger, which less than 600 are left in the wild, poachers sometimes cause this. If tigers go extinct, many animal species populations will be unbalanced, and tigers are so precious and amazing that we try very hard to keep them alive.

Why there are so many species alive?


How many original species of tigers were there?

9 but many are extinct due to hunting

How many Bengal tigers are alive in the wild?

There are around 2300 in the wild.

Are Grasshoppers still in New Zealand?

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