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How many square feet is 18x18?

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324 square feet. Multiply the two dimensions - the result is the number of square feet.

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The answer depends on the units used for 18x18.

The answer depends on the measurement units used for 18x18.

It is not clear what is meant by an "18x18 square feet" tile. 18ft * 18 ft = 324 square feet, so that one tile will be more than enough. An 18 inch by 18 inch tile cannot be a 18x18 square feet tile.

There are 144 square inches in a square foot. In this case the calculation gives you 2.25 square feet.

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 2.25 square feet per tile for a total of 1,305 square feet.

18 x 18 feet = 324 square feet 18 x 18 inches = 2.25 square feet

18 ft X 18 ft =324 sq ft

18 inches = 1.5 foot18" x 18" = 1.5-ft x 1.5-ft = 2.25 square feet

18" x 18" = 1.5' x 1.5' = 2.25 square feet90/2.25 = 40 tiles.

18x18 what? 18 feet x 18 feet? 18 microns x 18 microns?

if you are quoting inches, then a 18x18 tile measures 2.25 square feet. On that basis you would need 106.66 or 107 to the nearest.

18 inches = 1.5 ft, so each tile is 2.25 sq ft, number required = 249/2.25 = 111

a little less then 4m wide by 9m long or in feet 12X27 or 6mx6m or in feet 18x18

It would take approximately 311 tiles plus 5% to 10% waste depending on how you lay your floor out and how many cuts you will have.

That depends on the unit of measurement for the tiles. Assuming the tiles are 18 inches by 18 inches, one tile is 324 square inches = 2.25 square feet. Multiply by 106 to get 238.5 square feet. If the tiles are 18 feet by 18 feet (pretty big tiles, but hey, it could happen), one tile is 324 square feet, so 106 pieces of that would be 34344 square feet.

Assuming that your measurements are in ft and you are wanting square yards:Your answer is 81 square yardsConversions:1 yard = 3 feetCalculations:18 / 3 = 99 * 9 = 81

102.22 tiles because each tile is 2.25 sq.ft. 230 / 2.25 =102.22 so really 103 tiles.

The math is pretty straight forward 18 times 18 is 324 square feet if you are interested in square yards for flooring it would be 18X18=324 then divide by 9 for sq Yard's= 324/9=36 sq yards in carpet or vinyl a 12'X27 would be enough square feet but would need a bit more for pattern matching and trim waste.. If you are figuring for flooring please remember that 324 is the NET flooring area. some waste is always a part of the project.

The answer will depend on the units used for measuring the tiles which you have failed to specify.

A diagonal would be measured in feet, not square feet. Given the length of a diagonal, it is not possible to determine the shape of the area to be covered. Without information about the shape, its area cannot be calculated.

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