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One decimal of land in India equals approx 436 sq. feet (435.35 sq. feet).


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This question is relating to land measurements in India, especially in south India. In India, one cent is 1/100th of an acre. In square feet, one cent is 435.6 square feet. One 6th of 32 tenths

In Bangladesh, decimal is still used in some places as land measurement. Usually one decimal equals 100 acres and one acre equals 43559.99 square feet. You can now easily convert decimal to square feet! so 43559.99 square feet times by 100 equals 4355999 square feet in one decimal.

5 U.S. cents (square feet) = 0.004645152 m2 U.S. Dollars

There is about 436 square feet of land that equals to 1 dismal of land in north India. A dismal is a unit of measuring land in the Orissa, Bihar district.

Kenya's land area is 6,126,171,740,000 square feet.

The land mass of India is 2,973,190 square kilometres

Georgia (country) has a land area covering 750,244,527,000 square feet.

The land mass of India has an area of 3.28million square km.

1 Shatak = 1 Decimal = 435.6 Sq. Ft. This is a unit of land measurement.

Total land area in india - 2973190 square kilometers.

Answer: 1.12 acres = 48,787.2 square feet.

61,490 square feet = ~1.412 acres.

Dismil is a unit of measuring land in Orissa, Bihar district in India 1 dismil = approx 435 sqft 100 dismil = 1 acre

0.16 acres of land is 6969.6 square feet, or a square about 83.5 feet on each side.

2,800 square feet. Multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

An acre is 42,650 square feet. Multiplied by 2.6, this becomes 110,890 square feet.

1,350,262,425,600 square feet of total area. (land & water)

1.868 acres is 81,370.08 square feet.

There are 217,800 square feet in five acres.

30 acres is 1,306,800 square feet.

An acre is 43560 square feet, so 30 acres would be 1,306,800 square feet. The square root of 1,306,800 square feet is 1,143.153533 feet. So a square plot of land of 30 acres would measure 1,143 feet, 2 inches on each side. By the way, it would be very unusual to find a 30-acre square plot of land. Land is usually divided into 10-acre squares measuring 660 feet on a side. So a 30-acre plot of land would likely be a rectangle measuring 660x1980 feet.

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