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How many square kilometers is the earth?


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"Okeanos (Oceanus) in Greek) is a major body of saline water, and a principal component of the hydrosphere. Approximately 71% of the Earth's surface (an area of some 361 million square kilometers) is covered by ocean"

- Ocean; Wikipedia

By this estimate, Earth is approximately 508.45 million square kilometers.

.71x = 361

x = 508.45
510,072,000 km squared, total. About 30 percent land About 70 percent water See link for more information.

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The world's area is 197,000,000 square miles (510,000,000 square kilometers).

How many kilometers around the earth

About 9,826,675 square kilometers.

The largest deserts:Antarctic Desert - 14,000,000 square kilometers Sahara Desert - 9,000,000+ square kilometers Arabian Desert - 2,330,000 square kilometers Gobi Desert - 1,000,000 square kilometers Kalahari Desert - 900,000 square kilometers

1 square mile is 2.589988 square kilometers.

The Antarctic Desert is 14,000,000 square kilometers or 5,400,000 square miles in area. It is the largest desert on earth.The Antarctic Desert is 14,000,000 square kilometers or 5,400,000 square miles in area. It is the largest desert on earth.

Macau is 31.3 square kilometers.

as a kilometer is smaller there are 0.386 square kilometers in a square mile

440 square kilometers = 169.9 square miles.

617.76 square miles = 1600 square kilometers

3250 square meters = 0.00325 square kilometers

28,000 square kilometers is 10,811 square miles.

There are 6,592,848.8 square miles in 17,075,400 square kilometers. 17,075,400 square kilometers x 1 square mile/2.58998811 square kilometers = 6,592,848.8 square miles 1 square miles = 2.58998811 square kilometers

One square mile is 2.6 (2.58999) square kilometers.

You can convert kilometers to meters, or square kilometers to square meters. But you can't convert kilometers (a linear unit) to square meters (a square unit).

6084264960000 square kilometers. Give or take.

Manitoba is 548,000 square kilometers

Moscow's area is 2,512.3 square kilometers.

The Philippines' area is 300,000 square kilometers.

Estonia's area is 45,339 square kilometers.

Chicago's area is 613.83 square kilometers.

Europe's area is 10,180,000 square kilometers.

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