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If the room is 9 yards wide by 12 yards long, then 108 square yards.

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How many yards do you need for a 9x12 room?

A 9 foot x 12 foot room is 108 square feet. There are 3 ft x 3 ft = 9 square feet in a square yard. Therefore 108/9 = 12 square yards are required.

How many square yards are in 20x14 room?

A 20' by 14' room measures 31.1 square yards.

How many square feet in 9x12 room?

Assuming both dimensions are in feet, 108 square feet (9 * 12)

How many square yards are in 252 square foot room?

252 square feet = 252/9 square yards = 28 square yards

How many square yards is a 9ft by 7ft room?

In yards, the room is 3 yards by 7/3 yards. By multiplying those numbers together, you see that the area is 7 square yards.

How many square yards in 17 x 9 room?

If it is a 17 yard by 9 yard room then 153 square yards!

How many sqare feet in a room room that is 24 sqare yards?

1 square yard = 9 square feet 2 square yards = 18 square feet 3 square yards = 27 square feet . . . 24 square yards = 216 square feet

How many square yards in a room size 14ft by 12ft?

There is a total of about 18.67 sq. yards in the room.

How many square yards in a 12ft x 15ft room?

That's a total of 20 square yards.

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