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Q: How many stair in a flight of stair?
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How many stair steps in a flight?


What do DNA remsemble?

a ladder or a flight of stair

What is a group of stair called?

Flight of stairs and Fleet of ships.

What is the minimum size of a flight of a stair?

4 feet

What is stair case?

A flight of stairs in it's entirety is a staircase

What is the homophone for a flight of steps and to look fixedly?

stair and stare

What is the homophone for to gaze and flight of steps?

Stares and stairs or Stare and stair

How much does it cost to have stair lifts installed?

Generally, a stair lift can be installed professionally for about $3500 for a standard lift, on a straight set of stairs and only a single flight. Turns and non-standard stair configuration will increase the price substantially.

What device can help you carry boxes up a flight of stairs?

A hand truck with a stair climber built in.

How do you spell stair case?

It is one word "staircase" (open flight of stairs, usually with rails).

What kinds of stairlifts does Bruno make?

The company Bruno makes many different types of stair lifts. Bruno's has outdoor stair lifts, straight rail stair lifts, custom curved rail stair lefts.

Who many stair cases are there on the Titanic?