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A pack of tobacco cigarettes typically has 20 cigarettes.

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Q: How many sticks are in a pack of tobacco?
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How many ounces of tobacco is in a pack of cigarettes?

There is about one gram of tobacco in a cigarette, so a pack would have 20 grams, or 0.7 ounces, approximately.

How much does pack pack of tobacco cost?

it dependes on the name brand of the tobacco to say the cost

What has the author Frederick J Pack written?

Frederick J. Pack has written: 'Tobacco and human efficiency' -- subject(s): Tobacco use, Physiological effect, Tobacco

What is tobacco nickname?

wacko,dead tees, tobacco, cigs, stoges, stogies, cancer sticks, rollie.

How many pieces are in a pack of gum of Wrigley juicy fruit from the past when gum came in sticks?


How many pounds of wood does it take to make 1 pack of cigarettes?

The better brands of cigarettes are comprised of only tobacco.

The number of sticks of gum in a standard pack has an order of magnitude of?


How much chewing tobacco can you bring to Canada?

50 cigars or cigarillos 200 grams of manufactured tobacco 200 tobacco sticks (cigarettes)

Can you pack chewing tobacco in your luggage as a gift when you are a minor?

NO you cant... By putting it in your luggage you are in posession of it.. Posession of tobacco products by minors is illegal.

How do you use a pipes?

Pack the pipe tobacco then light it and smoke it without Inhaling

What is the mildest tobacco you can buy?

an excstacy cigarette, there sold in specialty tobacco stores and they are also sold in a black pack with an elephant or butterfly on the package.

Golden Virginia tobacco price in southern Ireland per 50g pack?

You can buy a 12.5g combo box which contains skins and tobacco for €4.20