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In 2009, there were approximately 856,373,373 metal stop signs posted on US roads in the continental USA. According to the US Department of Disinformation Statistics Agency in their annual TPS report

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Q: How many stop signs are in the US?
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How many stop signs on US RT 1 in Maine?


How many signs does a stop sign has?

signs? or sides. If your question is how many sides does a stop sign have than the answer is 8. its a octagon

How many feet is a stop sign?

There isn't a specific height for a stop sign, I've seen short stop signs, tall stop signs, etc. Taller stop signs would probably be in areas where there's high traffic so everyone can see them, the shorter stop signs are used in parking lots.

What do stop signs in France say?

Many stop signs in France do not say anything. They are merely a octagonal red sign. Some have the French word for stop: "ARRET" along with the English word: "STOP".

Why are stop signs are octagon-shaped?

Stop signs are a unique sign on the US roadways. The stop sign is the only sign on the road that is in the shape of an octagon. I could be wrong but I think the stop sign is shaped as a octagon to help aid in identification from a distance.

Why do we humans have stop signs?

if we had no stop signs then we would probably have car accidents all the time! stop signs are really important.

Which cities have the most stop signs?

Try Berwick, PA. There is either a 2 way or a 4 way stop sign on almost every single block in town. This is the biggest waste of fuel in the world. Someone needs to tell this little town that all those signs are a waste of money for them AND gas for us drivers. Its ridiculous to have that many signs in a town so small.

What is the best description for the stop sign used in traffic control?

In the US, STOP signs are Octagonal (8 sided), with a bright red background and white letters saying STOP.

Do car drivers actually stop or just slow down at stop signs?

In the United States you are required to stop at the sign. Slowing down is not stopping and therefore can result in a $100 fine. However, many experienced drivers choose not to come to a complete stop at stop signs. Butt at the same time many Americans do it as a way to race up the process of a stop sign.

Is it true that stop signs are octagon shaped?

Yes, stop signs are octagonal in shape.

About how often should you stop and check for signs of life when performing CPR?

Do not stop CPR to check for signs on life; you should be looking for signs of life while performing CPR and stop only if you see signs of life.

How do you get your mother to stop smoking?

well for example you should buy her as many stop smoking signs for her birthday that will persuade her to stop smoking or book her a appointment

What two kinds of signs are used to control intersections?

Stop signs and Warning/Guiding signs. You must make a complete stop at a stop sign BEFORE the solid white line.

What are the names of some standard street signs?

There are a number of signs that could be considered standard street signs. Some of the most common ones are Stop signs, Yield signs, Speed Limit signs, Slippery When Wet signs and Two Way Traffic signs. There are many more but these are the basic ones.

What shape are stop signs in Kenya Africa?

Simply the same as the stop signs in America, an octagon.

What shape are school bus stop signs?

Octagon just like the stop signs on the road

How many motorcycles can go through a stop sign?

How many motorcycles are allowed to go through a stop sign at once when there are other vehicles at the opposing signs.

How man signs does a stop sign have?

It has two signs !

Where can one purchase some stopping signs?

There are many places online that one can purchase some stopping signs. One of the best sites to buy these stop signs from is the safety sign website.

What shape are ice cream truck stop signs?

always red octagon like the stop signs on the road.

Why are the stop signs and the give way signs known as tha major signs in Kenya?

because they are madatory signs

How often do you stop and check signs of life when performing CPR on an adult?

Once CPR is started on an adult, you do not stop CPR to check for signs of life. If you see signs of life while performing CPR, stop and confirm the signs of life for no more than 10 seconds.

How often should you stop and check for signs of life when performing CPR?

Once CPR is started, you do not stop to check for signs of life. Only stop if you notice signs of life; which in most cases will not occur without medical attention.

What things are red octagon stop signs attached to?

Stop signs are attached to either wood or metal poles. Stop signs may also be attached to a school bus to be used when students are loading or unloading.

Can you turn right on a red light?

In most US States, Yes. After a complete stop, as long as there aren't signs or signals which prohibit it.

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