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7 lakhs

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Q: How many students appeared for the tn board 12th exams in the year 2010?
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How many students appeared for the tn board 12th exams in the year 2009?

6.4 lachs

Does cbse conducts independent 12th board exams where you can give 12th board exams from home without attending the school?

Central board of secondary education cbse

When will be the cbse 12th board exams results 2012 in new delhi be declared?

12th board result is coming on 26th if may

Does vidya valley pune has 10th-12th icse board affiliation?

Vidya Valley School, Pune is affiliated to the ICSE board. The fourth batch of Std 10 will appear for their board exams in March 2009. The school also has permission from the Board to present students for Std.12 but for various reasons it has decided to hold that in abeyance. Therefore at this time the school is not accepting admissions for 11th & 12th. The school also presents students for the 10th Std. Board exam conducted by the NIOS board. One stream of students from the 7th to the 10th are trained to appear for the NIOS board exams.

Center list of 12th class board exams in jammu?

centre no.109

What is date of haryana open board 12th paper?

exams ki dates

If someone pass his 12th cbse board with compartmental then is he eligible for competitive exams?

yes, he is

In which day rajasthan board results are held?

Result of Rajasthan Board Exams of 12th Class will be declared on 8 May.

Who is the agency who sponsors the CBSE exams?

CBSE exams are sponsored by central its full form tells..........CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDRY EDUCATION and in cbse only 10th & 12th board are held..................!!!

You secured 56 percent in your 12th board exams do you have a chance of getting admission in delhi university?


What is CBSE rollno?

If you are a student of Class 10th or Class 12th in CBSE board then you get a Roll Number against wich you give your board exams.

How many students appear in tn board 12th exam in 2010?

11.3 lakh students (approx.)