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9585 undergrads and 2050 post grads according to

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Q: How many students attend Texas southern university?
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How many students attend The University of Texas at Austin?

450,000 attend this university.

How many Texas students attend the university of Oklahoma?

19% of undergraduate students at OU are from Texas.

What schools did Barbara Jordan attend?

Boston university school of law and texas southern university,houston,texas.

How many Jewish students attend Texas Christian university?

There are 847 Jews that attend tcu

How many students attend Texas state university?

32,586 as of Fall 2010 semester

What is the GPA requirement for entering freshmen at the University of Texas in Austin?

University of Texas in Austin is a research college with 52,000 students. The GPA requirements to attend this university is 3.2 or higher.

Are freshmen students allowed to stay off campus at Texas Southern University?

Yes they can

Did Jason Aldean attend college at Ga Southern?

yes, he did. He then moved on to go to Texas Tech University.

How many undergraduate students attend university of north Texas Texas?

Unofficial 12th day of class Fall 2011 enrollment for Undergraduate: 28,325.

When was Texas Southern University created?

Texas Southern University was created on 1927-03-07.

How many students attend Texas A and M?

over 48,000 students

Do most students live on campus at the university of Texas?

yes most students live in Austin in the university of Texas

Where is the Texas Southern University in Houston Texas located?

The address of the Texas Southern University is: 3100 Cleburne, Houston, TX 77004

What is the cost to attend the University of Texas?

The cost to attend the University of Texas as of 2014 for Texas residents is 10,738.00. This does not include room and board. Tuition for non-residents is 32,422.00.

What kind of university is TAMIU?

TAMIU is the Texas A&M International University. It is a public, state supported university in Laredo,Texas. The majority of students there are international students.

What is the cost to attend Texas university?

prices of the univirsity of texas in austin

Where are the best business schools in Texas?

You have the University of Texas in Austin. Texas A&M University in Mays. Southern Methodist University in Cox. Rice University in Jones. University Of Texas in Dallas.

How many students are attending Texas tech this year?

There are 28,422 students attending the Texas tech university!

How many people attend Texas university?


What college did Drphil attend?

The University of North Texas

Did James Dwight Moseley graduate or attend University of Texas?

Did James Dwight Moseley graduate from University of Texas

What university does Claire Danvers attend in the Morganville Vampires?

Texas Prairie University.

What is the student population at the university of Texas in 2010?

If you mean The University of Texas at Austin: Approximately 50,000 students.

What is the enrollment at North Texas University?

University of North Texas' enrollment is more than 36,000 students.

Are there any universities in the state of Texas?

The most well known universities in Texas include: The University of Texas at Austin Texas State University - San Marcos Texas A&M University Texas Tech University University of Houston Rice University Texas Christian University Southern Methodist University University of North Texas