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Q: How many students live in Illinois?
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How many students are attending University of Illinois?

80,000 students.

Hoffman estates high school students live in which Illinois congressional district?

It is the 8th

How many students apply to university of Illinois?

There are about 25,000 undergraduates at NIU.

Where do Mexicans live in Illinois?

There are many places in Illinois where Mexicans live. Aurora, Elgin, Northlake, and Chicago have many Mexican immigrants.

What is the population of the students on Illinois wesleyan university?

Illinois Wesleyan University is a school of approximately 2,100 undergraduate students.

How many registered voters live in Illinois?


How many prancing llamas live in Illinois?


Do all students have to live on campus at the University of Florida?

No, many students live off campus and commute.

How many people live in Glencoe Illinois?

8,854 (2013).

How many students attended northwestern?

The amount of students that attend Northwestern University (NU) in Evanston, Illinois, is approximately 19,000. About 8,000 of these students are full-time undergraduates, and 8,000 are full-time graduate students.

How many people go to wheaton college?

It depends on which Wheaton College you're talking about. At Wheaton College in Illinois, there are 2,366 undergraduate students and 549 graduate students. At Wheaton College in Massachusetts, there are 1,655 undergraduate students and no graduate students.

Hom many students currently go to Illinois State University?

About 20,000 total undergrad and grads