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The physician or detox facility will know that. Let them decide.

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2009-12-18 16:10:16
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Q: How many suboxone does it take to withdrawl from Heroin?
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What happens if you take heroin and suboxone together?

The suboxone will stop the heroin from working, and you will not get high. Also, if you are physically addicted to heroin and take suboxone (with a needle or even under the tongue), it will cause you to go into immediate withdrawl. This is one reason why suboxone is used to treat individuals who have been addicted to heroin and other opiates. Also, combining heroin and suboxone increases the chance of respiratory depression (a decreased rate of breathing). If respiratory depression is severe enough it can cause death.

What happens if you use heroin and then take suboxone?

you die

Do you take suboxone when you are already throwing up for withdrawl?

yes, i feel better after

Will suboxone take away the withdrawal symptoms of heroin and keep you off the drug?

Yes, suboxone will take away the withdrawals and help to get off of heroin and other opiate drugs.

If a user only injects small amounts of heroin while occasionally taking 8mg suboxone can you even tell they're on it if it's small amounts?

No the Neloxone in the Suboxone completely kicks out any agonist. If you reverse though and have a Heroin habbit and take A Suboxone you will be sent into imediate withdrawl. The half life of Naloxone in the Suboxone is fairly short,but A addict will not wait and this is were many people OD. Your playing a very dangerous game and I hope you don't get this to late. Concerned don't try to shoot over Suboxone it may hit within minutes after filling fine for hours, as soon as the Naloxone is gone all of that Heroin used to try and get high, now kills.

Is this possible with out getting sick for me to Take a suboxone then stupidly try to get high from heroin then take another piece of suboxone because you feel rough?

No, you will get very sick.

How long do you take methadone after heroin addiction?

You don't have to wait methadone is an opiate. It will work just the same as heroin. Its not like suboxone.

Can you get high from heroin while on suboxone?

No, or at least you shouldn't. If you take heroin then shortly after take Suboxone, it should put you into instant withdrawal from the Suboxone "kicking" the heroin molecules off of the opioid receptors. If you take Suboxone then shortly after take heroin, it should completely block the effects of the heroin.

How soon after using heroin can you take a blocker tablet?

atleast 12 hours or u can put urself into withdrawl

If you take suboxone for vicoden addiction will you become addicted to it?

suboxen is not that addictive if u have a heroin problem and wanna get of heroin, but vicodins are very addictive after u take them weekly.

Can you take a percocet after taking 4mg of suboxone 6 hours ago?

You could take a percocet after the suboxone.. but it would be pointless... the suboxone blocks the effects of pain pills so if you take suboxone THEN a pain pill, you're just wasting it.. it is pointless.. but if you take or do a pain pill THEN suboxone.. it will reverse the effects and cause you to go into withdrawl worse than what you wouldv'e ever to begin with.

Is it ok to take methadone and suboxone together until totally detoxed off methadone?

No, taking the suboxone will cause you to withdrawl from the methadone NEVER take those two together or you will withdrawl severely and possibly worse can happen. If you are wanting off methadone then I suggest suboxin but never combine those two together, EVER>

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