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All materials can be affected by a magnetic field, therefor, in some degree, every "substance" can be.

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Q: How many substances are attracted to magnets?
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Is sulfur attracted to magnets?

No, it isn't attracted to magnets

What are metals that are attracted to magnets or made into magnets called?

Unpaired electons (which is to say, electrons not paired with another electron of opposite spin).

Are ferromagnetic materials weakly attracted to magnets?

No, ferromagnetic materials are strongly attracted to magnets. Ferrimagnetic materials are weakly attracted to magnets.

How do you know if an object is going to be attracted to a magnet?

Metals and other magnets are the only objects that are attracted to magnets. However, many metals are NOT attracted to magnets. Copper, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver, zinc, and aluminum are a few metals that are NOT attracted to magnets. The best way to discover if the object will be attracted to a magnet is to introduce it to a magnet.

Is vanadium attracted to magnets?

Vanadium is attracted to magnets i.e. it is ferromagnetic.

Is ammonium chloride attracted to magnets?

Ammonium chloride is not attracted by magnets.

Is a copper bracelet attracted to magnets?

No. Iron-containing metals are attracted to magnets.

Why is iron magnetic and other metals like platinum or vanadium not magnetic?

To understand this we need to understand the magnetic properties of material. There are 3:-Ferromagnetic.Paramagnetic.Diamagnetic.Ferromagnetic substances which are easily attracted to magnets. Paramagnetic substances are those which are weakly attracted to magnets. Diamagnetic substances are not attracted to magnets. So Palladium falls in the third category while iron is ferromagnetic.

Is shale attracted to magnets?

dont think so but not sure . . . . .

What are materials attracted by magnets called?


What are the property of magnets?

Opposite poles of magnets attract each other while like poles repel. So... North is attracted to South but two Norths repeal and two Souths repel. Magnets are also attracted to magnetic substances such as Iron and Nickel. Basically, magnets have two poles, they come in various shapes and attract/repel other magnets.

What are 3 metals attracted to magnets?

The 3 metals attracted to magnets are : Iron Nickel & Cobalt