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Somewhere between 200 and 400 billion, depending upon how you define "sun." If you define it as a star, then see above. If you omit neutron stars and various dwarf stars or proto suns (stars which have not yet begun nuclear fusion), there would be less.

If you define as sun as any star with one or more planets in orbit, we only know of 623+ so far, though again the number would likely be in the billions.

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Q: How many suns does the milky way galaxy have?
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What type of sun does the Milky Way have?

The Milky Way is our galaxy, there are many, many millions of suns that make up the Milky Way

Does our Milky Way have two suns?

There are billions of suns in the Milky Way, it's a galaxy. Our milky way is forming about 2 suns per year.

What distance is the milky way galaxy from the sun?

The sun is one of the many stars in the milky way - our galaxy. Sol, our Suns name is about 25 light years from the center of the Milky Way.

How many glaxies are in the milky way?

the milky way is a galaxy, there are billions of stars in the milky way galaxy

Which is the largest Sun Earth or Milky Way?

The Milky Way Galaxy as it contains billions of stars (Suns) and even more planets.

What is the suns motion?

The Sun is part of the Milky Way galaxy, and orbits the center of the galaxy in about 220 million years.

Is the sun the biggest star in the milky way galaxy?

Our sun is like a spec compared to other suns in our galaxy.

How many other suns are thre like in the galaxy?

Our galaxy (the Milky Way) is estimated to have between 100 and 400 billion stars. A star is a sun.

Is galaxy the same as Milky Way galaxy?

No. There are many galxies, but only one of them is the Milky Way Galaxy.

Which galaxy does the earth inhabit?

Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".

What is the galaxy of milky way?

The Milky Way is a galaxy, is is our galaxy

What is the galaxy Milky Way called?

The Milky Way galaxy is.... called the Milky Way Galaxy

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