How many swings does it take to destroy obsidian with a diamond pickax?

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What can destroy diamonds?

Many people think that smashing can destroy it, as it has 'fractureplanes' that make it susceptible to fracturing and shattering.However, in this exercise you have not destroyed it, you havemerely taken a larger piece and made it into smaller pieces. To truly destroy it, though, heat it to over 382 ( Full Answer )

How many atomic bombs will it take to destroy the world?

Answer: The total global nuclear arsenal is about 30,000 nuclear warheads with a destructive capacity of 5,000 megatons (5,000 million tons of TNT). An air burst (detonating a bomb above the surface) would produce far more damage and death via radioactive fallout than one detonating at ground l ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear bombs would it take to destroy the world?

I don't think that this question should ever be answered in great detail, since so crazy person out there is probably going to then blast this world to smithereens. I'm sure the amount of nuclear bombs could be calculated, but then, who on earth would want to know that? We'll all be dead and that is ( Full Answer )

How many atomic bombs will it take to destroy the United States?

This cannot be determined without knowing a lot more variables, including: yield per bomb, burst height/depth, "dirtiness" of the bombs (amount and type of fallout), weather. It has been calculated that about 4 to 6 atomic bombs of about 3 to 10 megaton yield detonated high in the ionosphere at c ( Full Answer )

How many years does it take to form a diamond?

The formation of diamonds does not take a long time, it can actually be near to instantaneous (in geological terms). The problem in creating diamonds is to bring the raw material (carbon) into the suitable pressure range where diamond becomes the stable polymorph of carbon. Rocks from the depths whe ( Full Answer )

What destroys a diamond?

Most diamonds that are mined -- 75% -- are employed by industry, because diamonds are harder than any other known mineral. Over time, because of the flaws in formation of these stones, they may begin to separate at the weakest points -- the flaws -- so that the implement becomes less sharp and abl ( Full Answer )

How many pitches can a batter take without swinging his bat?

5. 5 is incorrect 3-2 count is 5 pitches then a 3rd strike would make the total number possible 6 . The correct answer is 11. 3-1 count, man is on first, and 2 outs. Next pitch is a strike for a 3-2 count but the runner on first attempts to steal, but is thrown out for out number 3. Same batter co ( Full Answer )

How many rpgs does it take to destroy a m1 abram?

It depends where the tank is hit. A direct hit to the treads will render the tank immobile. Also, the top near the crew hatches and the rear are vulnerable. However, hits to the sides and front will little no damage.

What is obsidian?

It is a usually black or banded, hard volcanic glass that displaysshiny, curved surfaces when fractured and is formed by very rapidcooling of lava. The curved fracture surfaces are more correctly termed conchoidalfractures and the "glass" is said to have a "vitreous" texture asthe material cools s ( Full Answer )

How many Hydrogen bombs would it take to destroy the moon?

Assuming you would want to do such a stupid thing, estimates have placed the value at around 30 trillion megatons. The largest nuclear bomb, so far, is the Tsar Bomba at around 50 megatons. The Tsar Bomba is about 10 times the amount of explosives used during the second world war. So if you saved ( Full Answer )

What can only destroy a diamond?

A diamond can be cut by another diamond, or polished into powder using a diamond wheel. Neither is recommended for an at-home trial.

How can you destroy Pokemon diamond?

There are many ways you can destroy it. You can throw it across the room, put it in a fire, put it through a shredder, tread on it, etc. etc.

Can nuclear bomb destroy a diamond?

is this a serious question?, and yes it can it and will disintegrate it! . Sunlight and an ordinary magnifying glass can destroy a diamond, they are just carbon and burn when heated enough!

Can diamonds be destroyed by a bullet?

If you purchased a lot of industrial diamonds -- costing about US$1.60 per pound -- and used it for target practice, you would end up with a lot of industrial diamonds in smaller pieces than the lot you started out with. If you purchased a gem-stone diamond large enough to use for target practice, ( Full Answer )

Can you mine Obsidian with a diamond shovel in minecraft?

No, you need a diamond pickaxe to successfully mine obsidian, and it takes 15 seconds. With anything else it take a minute, roughly. If you do not use a diamond pickaxe you will not be able to mine the obsidian.

Is diamond stronger than obsidian?

In Minecraft, no. But in real life, yes. Diamond is a 10 on themineral hardness scale. Obsidian, a 5. Diamond is a ridiculouslydense carbon based mineral that spends millions of years formingunderground. Obsidian is black glass that formed from quicklycooled lava.

Can dynamite destroy a diamond?

If you dynamite a diamond -- a foolish experiment at all levels: diamonds are expensive! -- what you'll end up with is lots of smaller diamonds that will be hard to find. You will not be able to 'destroy' a diamond with dynamite.

How many frags would it take to destroy a tank?

Only under the most bizarre circumstances would you successfully destroy a tank with frag grenades. Frags throw off tiny bits of metal, known as shrapnel, and tanks are more than sufficiently armoured to withstand it. When tanks had been defeated by soldiers with frag grenades, it's because the sold ( Full Answer )

Can diamond break obsidian?

Diamond is the hardest substance known to man, so it can break most materials. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that is very sharp and brittle. Diamond can break obsidian.

How many nuclear weapons would it take to destroy the US?

Count the number of cities and military bases in the US and assign from 1 to 12 bombs to each of these targets, depending on size. This will give a reasonable estimate. Assume bombs in the 300 KTon to 1 MTon yield range, as they do the most damage per dollar expended.

How many megatons would it take to destroy the sun?

The first question is why. The second question is also why, The third is how far are you willing to go towards the Sun to detonate the explosion. The fourth is like the second - why, The fifth is how would you deliver the payload, as a central insertion would be impossible - it would disinte ( Full Answer )

Can you combine diamond and obsidian?

no you can not in the sense that they cannot blend and mix to form a new compound. you could set a combination of these stones in jewelery, though.

How do you craft a diamond pickaxe on Minecraft?

You will need 3 diamond and 2 sticks. Three diamond on the top row of the crafting table 000 then two sticks at the bottom middle row. 000 I I 0=Diamond I=Sticks

How do you make a diamond pickaxe in minecraft?

You need three diamond gems and two sticks. When in the crafting table, place the two stick in the middle column, at the bottom and in the middle of it. Place so three diamond gems on the third row.

How do you make a diamond pickaxe on Minecraft?

In the very same manner you make any other pickaxe. For a diamond pickaxe, you'll need 3 diamonds and place them on the top row, filling the top row. And for the middle column, for both middle row and bottom wood, a stick. In the related links is the crafting recipe.

How do you craft a Diamond pickax?

You need 3 Diamonds and 2 Sticks, and it must be crafted on a Crafting Table. Imagine a 3 x 3 grid. o = Diamond I = Stick u = Blank ooo uIu uIu

Do diamond and obsidian have anything in common?

Yes, both are formed in the earth, both are considered 'rocks' andboth have translucent properties. Obsidian is glass that results from volcanic eruptions; diamondsare erupted to the earth's surface from volcanic pipes. Pipes areshaped like volcanoes, both with bases at the earth surface. Thetip of ( Full Answer )

What are the best enchantments for the diamond pickaxe in Minecraft?

Some of the best include: Efficiency V (Breaks blocks really fast) Fortune III (Triples the ore drop rates) Silk Touch I(When you break a block, you will get the block, i.e:When you break Smooth stone you will get smooth stone instead ofCobble) Unbreaking III (Makes your pick last longer)

Is obsidian stronger than diamond?

Diamond is 10 -- the highest rate -- on the Mohs Scale of hardness.Obsidian rates 5 to 5.5 on the same scale. 'Strong' is a different measurement, which is not typically appliedto rocks. Strength will vary from one piece of a substance to another,depending on the structural defects, so you can't rea ( Full Answer )