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Sphere is one syllable: sphere.

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Q: How many syablles in word sphere?
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How do you divide the word insolent into syablles?

The word insolent is divided into three syllables, which are: in-so-lent. It can be described as behavior that is disrespectful, rude, or insulting.

What is an adjective for the word sphere?

An adjective for the word sphere is spherical.

Why is a sphere not a polyhedron?

A sphere is not a polyhedron because it has no edges, no vertices and no flat faces The word 'polyhedron' means many faces.

What is a sentence with the word sphere?

the baseball was shaped like a sphere

What is called the half of sphere?

The word for half a sphere is a hemisphere.

What is the root word for hemisphere?

The root word for hemisphere is "hemi-", which means half.

What is maths word for a ball?

A sphere. Cmon you should know this.

How do you put the word sphere in a sentence?

Sadly, the field of chemistry is beyond my sphere of knowledge. A baseball is a sphere.

How many 5 letter words in the word atmosphere?

i think theres 3 here, sphere and at.

How many edge in sphere?

There is no edge in a SPHERE

What is the opposite of word sphere?


What is the mathematical word for ball?

a sphere