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It has 4 syllables. A-nem-o-ne.

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Q: How many syllables does anemone have?
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What is a yellow anemone?

A yellow anemone is a particular species of anemone, Latin name Anemone ranunculoides.

Which does not belong anemone shark squid crab lobster?


What species is the sea anemone?

Sea anemone is a species of coral [but they are not the same animal or plant they are just close realitives]. Sea anemone is it's own species but has many varities that created coral.

How many eggs does a sea anemone lay?


What is 'wood anemone' in Dutch?

'Bosanemoon' is a Dutch equivalent of 'wood anemone' [Anemone nemorosa].

Is an anemone vertebrate or invertebrate?

An anemone is an invertebrate.

What is the Latin name of a anemone?

anemone blanda

What is anemone made of?

what is a anemone? is it a fish

How many offspring can a sea anemone produce?

it can have thousands, millions

Why is a sea anemone called a sea anemone?

It is called a "sea anemone" because it is a flower-like animal (anemone being a variety of flower) that lives in the sea.

What is a species of a sea anemone?

One species of sea anemone is Anthopleura xanthogrammica, or the giant green anemone.

What is the Irish for beadlet anemone?

Anemone is anamóine in Irish.