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The word would has one syllable.

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Q: How many syllables does would have?
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How many syllables are there in the sentence would be in pain?

There are four syllables. Would-be-in-pain.

How many syllables in wouldn't?

There are 2 syllables. Would-n't.

How many syllables does a would have?


How many syllables does kilo have?

Kilo would have 2 syllables; kee-lo.

How many syllables does battery have?

I believe that battery would have three syllables.

How many syllables does excavation?

Ex-Ca-Va-Tion; I would have to say that this word would have 4 syllables.

How many syllables does superflous have?

The word "superfluous" has three syllables. The syllables are su-per-flu-ous.

How many syllables does spidery has?

I would believe that that specific word 'spidery' would have 3 syllables. Spy-de-ry.Alex A. :D

How many syllables are there in the word would?

The word 'would' has one syllable.

How many syllables in the word hilarious?

It would be 4

How many syllables are in the word intermediary?

I would count it as 6 syllables, but there may be arguments for different counts.

How many syllables does a decasyllabic word have?

The word decasyllabic itself has only five syllables, though a decasyllabic word would have ten syllables.