How many syllables exquisite?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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There are 3 syllables. Ex-quis-ite.

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Q: How many syllables exquisite?
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How many pages does Exquisite Corpse - novel - have?

Exquisite Corpse - novel - has 240 pages.

'Exquisite' in a sentence?

The exquisite workmanship inspired awe in all who looked at it. The flavor combination was exquisite.

How can you use exquisite in a sentence?

Those curtains are exquisite.

What is the suffix for exquisite?

The suffix for "exquisite" is "-ite."

Is exquisite a noun?

Exquisite is an adjective. Exquisiteness is a noun.

How do you say exquisite lady in German?

exquisite Dame

What is an example of a sentence using the word exquisite?

A bone fracture causes exquisite pain.She felt exquisite remorse for stealing even though she had never been caught.The author created works that caused exquisite delight for child readers.

What is an example sentence with exquisite?

The sparkling of her eyes far outshone her exquisite diamond necklace. Wasn't that an exquisite meal?

What are other forms of the word exquisite?

The forms for the adjective exquisite are:noun, exquisitenessadverb, exquisitely

How many syllables are there in the symphony How many syllables are there in the word of symphony?

There are 3 syllables in symphony:sym/pho/ny

How many syllables in the word stomach?

there are 2 syllables in stomach. To see why, search 'How many syllables in attack?'

How many syllables in syllables in amphibian?

4 syllables am- phi- bi- an