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he wrote 4.

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How many songs did Robert Schumann write?


How many syphonies did Haydn write?


How many piano pieces did Robert Schumann write?


How many symphonies did Clara schumann write?

Clara Schumann wrote no symphonies. She did, however, write a singal piano concerto (in A minor) before she married Robert Schumann, as well as a fair amount of chamber music and piano pieces.

How many sisters and brothers did Robert Schumann have?

Robert Schumann was the fifth and last child of his parents.

How many children did Robert Schumann have?


How many kids did Robert Schumann have?

He had seven with his wife Clara Weick Schumann. (His masters Daughter)

How many brothers did Robert schumann have?

Robert Schumann had a sister that committed suicide because she could not stand any longer with her mental instability.

What music did Robert schumann write?

Schumann wrote many different kinds of music but he is probably the most famous for, and considered a master of, the German Lied, or art song. It is usually a German poem that affected the composer emotionally in a deep way, and so composers like Schumann would write the music based on that emotion.

How many lieder did schumann write?

over 100

How many syphonies did beethoven have?

9 symphonies

Did Robert schumann win any awards?

Roobert Schumann won many awards for his amazing music critic thing.

How many times did Robert schumann try to commit suicide?

Once in February 1854.

What composers did not write during the Romantic period?


Who was the composer of the most famous classical songs?

Robert Schumann was the composer of the most famous classical songs. He wrote many song cycles which are groups of songs on the same topic. Schumann wrote hundreds of songs in his lifetime.

What was Robert Schumann's wife's name?

Clara Wieck Schumann (1819-1896) was a child prodigy who became one of the best pianists of the 19th century. When she was young, she was dominated by her father, Friedrich, and Robert Schumann was one of his students. They were married in 1840, and she performed many of her husband's compositions until his death in 1856.

How many songs did Clara Schumann compose?

i think that Clara Schumann composed around 50 songs.

What poem did Robert Frost write?

Robert Frost has written many poems, since it would be tedious to write them all here,

How many songs did Robert Burns write?


How many poems did Robert browning write?


How many books did Robert Fulghum write?


How many kids did Clara Schumann have?

she had eight

What were Ludwig van Beethoven's achievements?

Ludwig van Beethoven acheived many things, but the things he is most remembered by are the 9 syphonies that he wrote.

How many pieces of piano music did the composer Clara Schumann write?

Clara Schumann composed 66 works, 20 for solo piano and 4 for piano and orchestra. Her output was restricted owing to her commitments of raising 8 children and also her career as a concert pianist.

How many things did Robert Frost write?

132 poems

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