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two pill

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I think it's 1 tablet per day

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Q: How many take gynaecosid tablet?
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How do you use gynaecosid tablet?

The doctor will prescribe it to you if you have no period due to other reasons than pregnancy. If you wonder if it can be used for abortion the answer is no.

Can gynaecosid be used immediately after misoprostol?

It makes no sense to use gynaecosid after misoprostol.

Can i use gynaecosid for late perieod?

You can use Gynaecosid for a late period but the drug will not terminate a pregnancy.

Is Gynaecosid tablets good for unsure pregnancy?

Gynaecosid is not used if your period is late due to a possible pregnancy. If 72 hours gave passed you can no longer take the morning after pill and have to wait to see if you are pregnant and then you can have an abortion at the doctors.

How many tablet should you take?

Read the label.

If you used gynaecosid did your periods start?


What tablet take to get pregnant?

No tablet will make you pregnant.

When to take sea-cod tablet?

per day how many seacod to be taken

When to use gynaecosid?

When you have amenorrhea (Absence of menstruation) without being pregnant.

What is the use of Gynaecosid drug on pregnant women?

There is no use for Gynaecosid on pregnant women. It's used to help get your period back when you have Amenorrhea (=period gone for other reasons than pregnancy). It is not used for abortion.

How many tablet do you have to take for 10grams?

Tablets come as different medications and strengths so this is impossible to answer.

What is one quarter of a tablet medicine?

That means that you divide the tablet into for pieces of equal size, and take one of them.