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Three taps to stand up

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Q: How many taps of the gavel in an FFA meeting mean stand up?
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What does three taps of a gavel mean in a ffa meeting?

It means "Order in the court-room." In other words, Everyone shut up! :)

What does seven gavel raps mean?

Seven gavel raps in Freemasonry mean nothing (does not exist).

What does gavel mean?

its a hammer. used by judges or presidents to close session: the final word

What is a sentence using the word gabel?

I am not certain if you mean the word gable or gavel. Here are a couple of sentences for you , though. The gable of the house needs repair. The judge banged his gavel for order.

What does Allison gavel mean?

its a hammer. used by judges or presidents to close session: the final word

What do you mean by induction meeting?

induction meeting

What does a meeting of minds mean?

If you have a meeting of minds, then you are in accord. You agree with one another.

Pie chart sHow is how a group of people attended a meeting cal the shaded angle 300 people attended the meeting by car how many people attended the meeting?

this is well the most pointless question ever i mean who cares

What does rondevu mean?

It means meeting.

What does it mean meeting by fate?

to die.

Is the word meeting an adjective?

No, the word 'meeting' can be used as either a verb or a noun. Meeting can mean a place where you gather, i.e.: Sally went to a meeting. It can also be used as a verb, to mean that you will meet someone, i.e.: Xavier is meeting his cousin this afternoon. =============================================================================== "Meeting" can be used as an adjective, although not very often. In "a meeting place," or "a meeting hall," the word "meeting" modifies the nouns "place" and "hall." (Some, however, would claim that "meeting place" and "meeting hall" are simply compound nouns.)

What does open press mean referring to a town hall meeting?

There is no legal definition of the term, however it MIGHT mean that the meeting was open to the media. (??)