How many tardies in one absents?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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Being "tardy" is being late. Being "absent" is not being there all day.

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Q: How many tardies in one absents?
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What is the plural of absent?

the plural of absent is absents. As in "there are a few absents in the class".

How many absences or tardies are acceptable during your first 90-days on the job?


Can a parent be arrested if there child have to many unexcused absents?

You CAN be reported to Child protective services.

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In october of 2006 there were 116 total tardies for first hour at school in october of 2008 there were 344 what was the percent of change in tardies from 2006 to 2008?


Is absent a homophone?

absents and absence are homophones

How do you spell tardyness?

The correct spelling is "tardiness" (lateness)

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How long are children allowed out of school without autherised absents?

14 days

Do colleges care how many tardies you get in high school?

If you apply to a certain college, and they decide to check in with your high school (and a lot of them do), you had better believe they'll care what your absenteeism and tardy record is.

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