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There are about 138 million tax filers in the United States of America, about half of whom pay any federal income tax.

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Q: How many tax payers are in America?
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There are millions of tax payers in the state of Wisconsin. There is not official data as to how many of these taxpayers do not pay taxes.

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The answer is NO.

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How do government affect taxpayers?

Each governmet strives to manage economic resources. And Tax revenue in most governments is the most dependable source of such economic resources in morden economic setup Therefore depending on government's fiscal policy,tax payers will either be happy with service delivery by government or not. By and large no tax payer is happy to remit tax. Therefore as long as its law and it is enforced tax payers are made to pay, thus raising their expectations from gorvenment. Being economic players tax payers want to maximise benefit from tax paid and minimise on tax paid. Therefore each government affects tax payers to the extent that they make a balance between amount of tax liable to payers and goods and services to benefit payers. To some extent laws formed and policies drafted affect tax payers and their economic benefits.

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