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How many tax payers are in America?

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There are about 138 million tax filers in the United States of America, about half of whom pay any federal income tax.

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How many tax payers are there in Wisconsin and how many of them pay no tax pay no tax?

There are millions of tax payers in the state of Wisconsin. There is not official data as to how many of these taxpayers do not pay taxes.

How do government affect taxpayers?

Each governmet strives to manage economic resources. And Tax revenue in most governments is the most dependable source of such economic resources in morden economic setup Therefore depending on government's fiscal policy,tax payers will either be happy with service delivery by government or not. By and large no tax payer is happy to remit tax. Therefore as long as its law and it is enforced tax payers are made to pay, thus raising their expectations from gorvenment. Being economic players tax payers want to maximise benefit from tax paid and minimise on tax paid. Therefore each government affects tax payers to the extent that they make a balance between amount of tax liable to payers and goods and services to benefit payers. To some extent laws formed and policies drafted affect tax payers and their economic benefits.

Who pays for free government grants?

Tax payers pay for "free government grants". There is no such thing as free money. The tax payers absorb this cost because the money is collected through taxes. Tax payers pay for free government grants. There is no such thing as free money. Donations from People who pays for free government grants? The taxpayers pay for it application welm be free We the tax payers do looking for a grant to elevation my home The goverment Tax payers pay for "free government grants". There is no such thing as free money. The tax payers absorb this cost because the money is collected through taxes. how can I apply for government grant for my property? Tax Payers why is it so difficult to find a grant for women in business availability of governemnt grants for start up businesses

Who owns the Chevrolet company?

The tax payers, there is no true owner.

Where does the money come from that gets paid to professors?

60% comes from tax payers and 40% comes from the federal government. 60% comes from tax payers and 40% comes from the federal government.

What are three great things Bill Clinton do as president?

Had sex with interns on the tax payers dime... Got his wanker sucked in the oval office on the tax payers dime... got impeached for lying about it...

How did us finance Vietnam war?

US tax payers paid for it.

How is the federal government funded?

The federal government is funded by tax payers.

Who funds the FBI?

The parliament or the tax payers money funds the F.B.I.

Who pays for California governor?

The Government, which means tax payers in the end.

What is tax hogging?

Tax hogging is where Gordon Brown steels all the tax payers money and spends it on a nice villa in Florida.

Which tax software is best for self-employed tax payers?

TaxCut is great tax software if you're self-employed.

What is a tax shield?

A tax shield is basically a tax reduction for some tax payers. Using a tax shield can help save cash flows and it will increase the value of a business.

How the New Deal helped the country?

it gave money back to the tax payers

Who administers funds for Medicare?

ua tax payers and Social Security Administration

How do tax payers benefit from paying taxes?

Individuals benefit from state services.

Why military men at Wimbledon?

because its cheap security at the tax payers expense

Who pays for the White House Christmas tree?

Type your answer here... we tax payers do...

What Canadian auto insurance companies have more tax payers?

Canada has lots of auto insurance companies, however the company with more tax payers is State Farm Canada. Definitely a great choice for auto insurance!

Which were the 2 categories were benefited by universal adult franchise?

Universal Adult Franchise helped those who did not come under the highest bracket of the tax payers, women and the blacks in America.

Would capital punishment save tax payers a lot of money?

Capital Punishment would save tax payers a lot of money because instead of the criminal going to jail which costs money to keep them there, they would be killed.

Where does bailout money come from?

It comes from the US Treasury (i.e., it is the tax payers money)

Which conditions are necessary for democracy to succeed?

Education Majority of the voters should be tax payers

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