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1.4 million teenagers kill themselves every year

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How many teens commit suicide every day from cyberbullying?

6 teenagers in America I believe.

How many people commit suicide over online bullying?

42% of teenagers commit suicide over internet bullying

How many people commit suicide every year?

About 10,000,000 people commit suicide every year.

How many teenagers commit suicide a day?

I dont think that would be a possible answer but, I guess how many you think it is

How many kids die from being bullied every day?

Teenagers commit suicide everyday because they can't take the bullying anymore. You have no idea how bad it can get!!

How many children commit suicide every day?

There are hundreds of children that commit suicide every day in the United States alone. This number is higher and lower in many different countries.

How many kids commit suicide because of bullying in the UK?

about 300 children aged 8-16 commit suicide every year.

How many people commit suicide a minute?

Suicide occurs every 40 seconds some where in the world

Why do so many teenagers commit suicide?

DEPRESSION my non-friend. Im 16 and I too am probly gonna commit suicide soon since my life sucks, i have no friends, im always that 1 kid who justs sits there embarresed when it comes to groups, and i picked on every day. So im depressed and gonna commit suicide real soon. I cant drop out of school so I have NO other choice than suicide. HELP ME GOD!!!!

How many kids commit suicide every day in the us?

"Suicide takes the lives of over 38,000 Americans every year." Sadly true!

How many teenagers in Canada commit suicide?

About 14 Canadians in a day. 3000 from around the world, in a day. One million in a year.

How many homosexuals commit suicide every day?

Over a 100 a day, worldwide.

How many women commit suicide in peshawar every year because of their husbands?

The estimated annual suicide toll is averaging about 120.

How many children commit suicide in a week?

1000,000 children in the world commit suicide in a week

How many people decide to commit suicide after seeing their parents die?

Too many. This is especially common in the children of parents who commit suicide. The children may not commit suicide for many years but there is a definite increase in the risk.

How many people commit suicide a year due to bullies?

1,000,000 (1 million!!) every year :(

How many suicides are women?

theirs about 3,000 women that commit suicide every yearn in the united states.

How many teens commit suicide because of homework?

On average 3 per every 5 years

How many people commit suicide in the US per minute?

1 person attempts suicide per minute, every 17 minutes, someones commits suicide.

How many kids commit suicide due to school work?

One child every three seconds commits suicide due to excessive schoolwork.

How many minutes a day does someone commit suicide?

They only commit suicide once in a lifetime. Thats all they get.

How many people kill them self a year?

The World Health Organization noted that over one million people commit suicide every year, and that it is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers and adults under 35

How many teens commit suicide?

a lot

How many times did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?

He committed suicide once.

How many kids percentage commit suicide because of being bulled?

10 percent will commit suicide as a result to being bullied