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How many teeth are in your mouth?

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Most people will develop a total of 32 'adult' teeth. Many have the last 4 of these - known as wisdom teeth removed. The number in your mouth depends on your age and dental health.

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there is 32 teeth in your mouth

There are 32 teeth in the adult mouth There are 32 teeth in the adult mouth There are only 31 teeth in my mouth

There is 26 teeth in a 11 year old mouth.

There are 24 teeth usually in your mouth.

There are total four Cuspid teeth or Canine teeth or fangs in human mouth. Enjoy!

28-30, because there are usually 32 teeth in a human mouth.

baby teeth there are 20. Adult teeth 32

Approximately 32 teeth are in an adult's mouth

sarcosuchus has 158 teeth in its mouth

A Perch fish has several very small, sharp teeth. They have these teeth along the edge of the mouth and on the roof of their mouth.

Earthworms do not have teeth, but they have strong mouth muscles.

A lion has 30 teeth altogether

A normal adult mouth has 32 teeth

32 teeth in an adult human head (mouth)

there are 32 teeth in the human mouth

The average adult has a total of 32 teeth including wisdom teeth.

The number of normal teeth in a child's mouth would depend upon the age of the child.

frogs have 2 teeth at the center of the roof of the mouth

Dolphins haze approximately 250 teeth in there mouth

An estimate of 17,000 small teeth.

what haves mouth but no teeth

There are four teeth that are referred to as Wisdom Teeth. They are actually molars.

For a full grown adult, there is 36 teeth in total.

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