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How many teeth should an adult human have?

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Including wisdom teeth, adult humans should have 32 teeth

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A full set of teeth, excluding wisdom teeth, is 28 for an adult.

The average adult human has 32 permanent teeth.

An adult human has 32 teeth.

32 teeth in an adult human head (mouth)

ther is no such thing as typical human. the average human adult has 32 teeth.

the average human has 32 adult teeth and 20 baby teeth

An adult should have 32 teeth in total.

An adult with all their teeth should have 32.

Well they have 18 more teeth than a human adult. Which a human adult has 32 teeth. So 32+18=50. So they have 50 teeth.

Orangutans have as many teeth as an average adult human

I think it is 36 or 32 a set of teeth of an adult.

Theoretically, 32. But almost all adult human beings have their wisdom teeth - or at least some of them - extracted, reducing the number of total teeth accordingly (there are four wisdom teeth).

In total, an adult should have 32 teeth in total.

if you are a child: count your dad's teeth and then you would know. :D and if you an adult: just count your own teeth smarty! xD

An adult tiger have 30 teeth, while an adult human is having 32 teeth But anyway tiger's teeth are much larger and stronger than ours.

at around 6 months they should have replaced all there teeth with adult teeth, like human babys do, they should never loose adult teeth, remember to brush your dogs teeth to prevent gum deaseas, that can cause heart problems like with people >.< call your vet if your dog has very dirty teeth and/or bad breath.

A human adult can have anywhere from 14 to 16 teeth in the upper jaw. 14 would be considered the minimum with the possibility of the other 1 or 2 teeth being the development of third molars; teeth which are commonly called "wisdom teeth". Wisdom teeth may or may not grow in, but 14 teeth should be what is expected at the very least.

The average human has a total of 32 teeth. Half of them are on the lower jaw.

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

Not including the teeth, there is 206 bones in the human skeleton.

well different tweens and teens get all their adult teeth at different ages. most should have all their adult teeth by age 14 at the latest.

Only your baby teeth will be replaced with other teeth when they are pulled or fall out. A human has 20 baby teeth total. If you pull out human adult teeth they will not come back.