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Q: How many terminals does hermetic motor has?
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Why you cant have a centrifugal switch in a hermetic motor?

The hermetic compressor cannot use a centrifugal switch like an open motor because it will disrupt the start winding. Hermetic compressors work through insulated motor terminals, and not in the open.

What is the hermetic motor?

Hermetic motors are motors used in hermetic compressors. Hermetic motor use wound stators and squirrel cage rotors, without shaft bearings and have a relatively tight design.

Why Hermetic compressor motor manufactured from special material?

Hermetic manufactured from special materials because Hermetic compressor motor materials must be compatible with the refrigerant and oil circulating in the system.

When a hermetic motor burn what contaminant might be found in the recoverd refrigerant?


Why is the hermetic compressor motor manufactured from special material?

because the hermatic compressor motor must be compatible with the refrigerant and oil circulating in the system.

What is the motor neuron ending?

axion terminals

How do connect a wye connection for 12 leads out motor?

Normally there are six terminals (two terminals per winding in 3 phase system) for a motor. If you find 12 terminals, you need to read the motor name details or specifications to get more info. The motor could be with two different sets of winding (double speed motor)

How do you convert from slip ring motor to induction motor?

short the rotor terminals.

What terminals combinations would show an open circuit if the internal overload device in a hermetic compressor should open due to excessive heat?

common to start and common to run

When did Hermetic Journal end?

Hermetic Journal ended in 1992.

When was Hermetic Journal created?

Hermetic Journal was created in 1978.

When was The Hermetic Tradition created?

The Hermetic Tradition was created in 1931.