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Three Letter Words Containing Only Vowels
  • Aye
  • Yea
  • oye
  • eye

I'm sure YOU must realise that y is a consonant not a vowel!

what about IOU. or the french for yes, OUI.

EAU french for water

Techinically y is both a consonant and a vowel.

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How many two letter words containing only vowels are there?


How many four letter words containing only vowels are there?


What is an eight letter word with three vowels with the letters ebsgagvcievn?

An eight letter word with three vowels using those letters is scavenge.Eight letter words with four vowels using those letters are agencies and envisage.

Three letter words with the vowels i and you?

the answer is ILY it means I Love You uzi

Are there 3 letter words containing 2 i's?

No. In the official Scrabble dictionary there are lots of four-letter words containing two i's, but no three-letter words.

What are three letter words containing the letter Z?

Adz, fez, zap, zed, zoo.

Give you a six letter word that has no Vowels?

All words in the English language must have vowels. Even one letter words like 'a' or 'I'.

5 letter word starting with r without vowels?

all words have vowels in them

Is the word Pick a vowel or consonant?

Vowels and consonants are letters, not words. In the word "pick", the letter "i" is a vowel and the other three letters are consonants.

Is there a word without letter vowels?

here are some words that dont have vowels in them why shy rythm

What is a five letter words with two vowels?


Why vowels are called vowels?

The word "vowel" comes from the latin words littera vocalis-a vocal letter.

What English words have three vowels in a row?

beautiful continuous

What 8 letter words have only 2 vowels?


What number words have two vowels and three constanants?

The number 7/seven, it has two vowels and three consonants....... thats the answer I see best for your question........

Is the word said a vowel?

No. Vowels are letters, so the only words that can be vowels are words consisting of only one letter, such as "I" or "a". The word "said" is a verb.

What are two letter words without any vowels that end with a y?

By and my.

What are 6 six letter words with 3 vowels?

liquor, liquid

What scrabble words contain only vowels and the letter q?


What four letter words use 3 vowels and 1 consonant?

its "your"

What are 6 letter words with 3 vowels and 3 consonant?


What is a 12 letter word containing three O's in the English language?

12 letter words - 3 O's:corporationspropositionsproportioned

What Common 6 letter word has no vowels?

There are no words in English without vowels. In the word "syzygy," there are three vowels, all Ys. If there are no vowels in a word, you would not be able to pronounce it. Vowels open the mouth to let air out, while consonants close off the air flow by definition. Try saying a word without opening your mouth and letting any air out - impossible. [There are a few onomatopoeic sounds that have no vowels, such as shhh, tsk, grr - these are not words, but sounds.]

How many three letter words contain only consonants?

There are no three letter words that contain only consonants. They need vowels.Y is used as a vowel but not a real vowel; you may try: cry, dry, fry, ply, fly, shy, why, or sly.

What are the three letter words starting with vowels?

Some three letter words that start with vowels are:aceampapearearkarmarteareatelfemueraergiceI'llimpinkinnionireirkit'soafoakoaroatofforeouroutughumpurnuse

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