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Any size sheet of paper can only be folded in half 7 times.

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Q: How many times can a piece of a4 paper be folded in half?
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How many times can an a4 piece of paper be folded in half?

Any paper can be folded in half for 6 times.

Can paper be folded in half more than 7 times?

A standard piece of paper cannot be folded 7 times, but the Mythbusters folded a hangar sized piece of paper 11 times.

How thick would a piece of paper folded in half be?

Folding the piece of paper does not change the thickness of the piece of paper. However, the thickness of the folded paper would be twice that of the original sheet of paper.

What is the formula to determine how many sides when a piece of paper is folded in half repeatedly?

If by sides you refer to the number of paper slices you can hold then the formula is this: assuming that when the paper has not been folded, the number of times folded is equal zero then the equation is: 2x, where x is the number of times folded. for example if the paper has been folded four times the number of sides is: 24 = 16

What would the sequence of inward and outward folds be in a piece of paper folded in half ten times?

There is no fixed sequence.

If you had a piece of paper that was 0.001 inches thick how tall a pile would it make if it were folded in half 10 times?


How a piece of fliter paper to be used for filtration is folded properly?

Fold it into half, then another half again.

How many times can a piece of normal-sized paper be folded in half?

Britney Gallivan broke the record by folding gold foil in half 12 times.

Why can't a sheet of paper be folded more than eight times?

It is hard to explain, but it basically amounts to the size to fold ratio. A large enough, thin enough, sheet of paper can be folded more than eight times, but it has to be the size of a football field in order to do it. 128 layers of paper is a lot to fold in half to get to 256!

How many times can you fold an A4 piece of paper in half?

you can fold a 4 piece in half 5 times

How many square will you get when you folded the paper in half 5 times?

It will still be one square unless you cut the paper.

If you fold a piece of paper in half 50 times how tall would it be?

You can't fold a piece of paper 50 times