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You can bathe a guinea pig 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-03 14:54:57
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Q: How many times can you bath a guinea pig?
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What happens when i don't bath my guinea pig?

It is fine to never bath your guinea pig. They dont need a bath because they clean themselves.

How often do you have to take your guinea pig on a bath?

once a yr. my guinea pig dislikes them and i have to give him a bath everyother yr.

When do you have to wash your guinea pig?

You don't neccesarily NEED to give your Guinea Pig a bath.

Are you allowed to bath your guinea pig?

yes, you should bathe your guinea pig once a month.

How many times a month should you give your guinea pig a bath?

um...i dont think u give ginnypigs baths.

What happens if you give your guinea pig a shawer 1 a week?

You should not give a guinea pig a shower once a week. I only bath my guinea pigs if they are really in need of a bath or if I'm taking them to a show. I would say a few times a year if you want to bath them, but not once a week

Can you give a guinea pig a bath with water only?

yes you can give a guinea pig a bath with just water but they will not be as clean as when you give them a bath with shampoo and yes they do make special shampoo for guinea pigs don't use normal soap on guinea pigs you can find this special soap at petsmart in the guinea pig area

How do you know when your guinea pig needs a bath?

when it stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

How do you bath a baby 7 week old guinea pig?

I would not recommend giving a guinea pig any younger than 3 months a bath.

Do you have to give your guinea pig a bath?

Yes they will get stinky and you need to give them a bath or they will not be healthy.

What chemicals can you not use when giving a guinea pig a bath?


How many times are you ment to feed a guinea pig?

Make sure it has food all the time. The guinea pig is a collector..

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