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Most dogs don't like to get bath but we bathes them are needed or 2 or 3 times a week being a short hair dog.

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Q: How many times can you give pitbull puppies a bath?
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Can you give a 5 week old pitbull puppy a bath and how many times and what shampoo can you used?

You can gave him a bath when he is 12 weeks old and use puppy shampoo only.

At what age should you give your puppies a bath?

at 3-6weeks

When can you give your dog a flea bath after having puppies?

Ask her vet, because it might not be safe yet to have a flea bath. Lucky you, I <3 puppies, and you get to keep them!

How many years does a pitbull need to be to produce puppies?

Give it at least a year before breeding it.

Is ok for you to give your 5 week old pitbull puppy a bath?

yes, it should be alright

Can you give them a bath at 3 weeks old?

No, You Must Wait Till The Puppies are 8 Weeks Old That is When They Can Have there 1st Bath.

Can you give your nursing dog a flea bath?

no it just killed four of my puppies highly recommended not to do it

Do you have to give a bearded dragon a bath?

you should atleast give them a bath 1 or 2 times a month

Should you bath your puppy 3 to 4 days after you give it a bath?

it could dry out your puppies skin, i normally do it 1-2 weeks later

When do you give pitbull puppies their first shots?

They can be given as early as 5 weeks old. But most people do it at 8 weeks old.

Can you feed your 2 month old pitbull milk?

No please don`t give puppies milk it gives them worms.Just give puppy food and fresh water everyday.

What is recommended to bath puppies with?

Our kittens were eaten up with fleas and I called the vet, he said give them a bath in DAWN dish soap, that it kills fleas dead, but isn't toxic to small animals. Give your puppy a weekly bath. You will see the dead fleas in the bath water, rinse him or her works, trust me.

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