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According to the United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 4 states "The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year . . ."

The House of Representatives and the Senate have different schedules from term to term. Each two year term is divided into a 1st term for one year and 2nd term for the following year which makes up each Congress. According to the Library of Congress ( the calenders are published. When you click the year you want to see in the upper top left corner the total number days are already added for you. They give you two numbers, one for calender days and one for legislative days.

Legislative days are defined as ". . . as beginning when a house of Congress meets and ending when it adjourns. The House of Representatives almost always adjourns at the end of a daily session, so its calendar day and legislative day coincide. In contrast, the Senate often does not adjourn at the end of a daily session, but instead "recesses," so when the Senate next meets, it continues in the same legislative day. As a result, a legislative day in the Senate may extend over days, weeks, or even months. The Senate practice is a time-saving device, allowing the Senate to circumvent the requirement of a "morning hour" at the beginning of each legislative day. (Morning hour is a two-hour period in which the Senate conducts routine business, known as "morning business," calls the calendar of bills awaiting floor consideration, and allows Senators to deliver "morning hour speeches" on any subject.)"

Keep in mind that each House and Senate member has offices in their home district or state and when not meeting in Washington D.C. they are actively working in their home offices. Therefore their work days may be expanded and they must travel to and from their home states or districts. Also each vote cast must be by the elected official in person on the House or Senate floor. No proxy voting is allowed.

So a better question might be, how many days do they work? and that might depend on what you consider work.

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Q: How many times does congress meet per year?
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congress must meet AT LEAST once a year. -Article 1, section 4

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Congress MeetingsCongress has to meet at least twice in their two year term, at least once a year. Article I, Section IV of the Constitution states that Congress meets once a year in December; however, transportation technology has advanced so that they are able to meet more than one time per year if necessary.The 20th Amendment, Section II of the Constitution changes the meeting date to the 3rd of January, and allows the same frequency of meetings as stated prior.Congress is only required to have one session per year, and the length can be whatever is decided by Congress itself. Each new Congress begins on or after January 3. They are required to meet every other year

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