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How many times has the colts won the superbowl?


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The colts has won the Super Bowl two times

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Twice the Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V in 1971 and the Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl XLI in 2007.

The Colts have won the Superbowl Twice. They first won in 1971 as the Baltimore Colts defeating the Dallas Cowboys in Super bowl V. After relocation, the Indianapolis Colts won won their second Superbowl in 2007 defeating the Chicago Bear in Super bowl XLI.

The Baltimore Colts played in Superbowl 3 and 5. They won Superbowl 5.

Two - Superbowl V (as the Baltimore Colts) and XLI.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts franchise used to be in Baltimore... they won 1 superbowl in Baltimore and after they moved too Indy they won 1 in 07 when they faced the bears... so the franchise total has 2.

The Colts have won 2 times (once as Baltimore Colts). The Indianapolis Colts won 1 time.

2 Once as the titans of new York and superbowl 3 by beating the Baltimore colts

The Baltimore Colts won SuperbowlV and the Indianapolis Colts won Superbowl XLI The Oakland Raiders won SuperbowlXI and the Los Angeles Raiders won Superbowl XVIII

They have been to the superbowl once and won.

The Colts and the Bears were in the 2005 superbowl. As a result, the colts won 29-17.

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29 to 17.The Indianapolis Colts.The Colts won the Superbowl in 2007 against the Chicago bears

They have won one superbowl so far superbowl XXXV (34-7) against the New York Giants.

The colts won the Superbowl but who cares the SAINTS won this one.

They have never won a superbowl.

Indianapolis Colts won NFL Superbowl 2007.

No, he does not. He went to the Cardinals the year the Colts won the superbowl with Joseph Addai and Dominick Rhodes at RB.He does have a Superbowl ring; although, he did not play for the Colts when they won. The owner of the team sent him a ring for being an integral part of their success. He hasn't won a superbowl though.

They have won two Superbowls - Superbowl V when in Baltimore, and Superbowl XLI as an Indianapolis team.

The New Orleans Saints have won 1 SuperBowl, on the 7th of February, 2010. Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints Colts 17 Saints 31

Yes - they won Superbowl III over the Baltimore Colts.

Three times - they won Superbowl XXXVI in February 2002, Superbowl XXXVIII in February 2004, and Superbowl XXXIX in February 2005.

patriots have won the superbowl 3 times but have been 6 times

3 Years Ago, the Indianapolis Colts won the superbowl. It was not the Patriots.

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