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The Answer VariesA person needs to hear a new information at least three times before it registers into his/her mind for immediate recollection.

This has been taught over and over again to us and you can test it by saying aloud a new name you come across three times conciously.

A sharp individual can catch it the first time. Some people will never learn it by hearing it, and must see it (visual learners). Others learn through doing it themselves. People are wired differently, so one can't make a blanket statement about what will work and what won't.

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Q: How many times must a person hear new information to retain it?
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What percent efficiency of information do people retain?

10 % of what they read 20 % of what they hear 30 % of what they see 50 % of what they see and hear 70 % of what they say 90 % of what they say and do

Audio-visual media advantages and disadvantages?

This media allows you to see and hear the information, making it easier to retain. The disadvantages are that it takes longer to produce.

What is a person who hear called?

A person who can hear!

What percentage of information is retained by listening and note taking?

We retain about 10% of what we see, 30-40% of what we see and hear, and up to 90% of what we see, hear and do! Taking notes while you are listening and watching the teacher is a great way to remember the material and understand it.

Does homework have values?

Homework is usually studying, this allows you to learn more about the subject or retain the information, or it is practice. Making sure you understand. "I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand" -Confucius

Can a person still hear when they die?

After they die, no I don't believe they can hear but when a person is dying, I have been told many times that their hearing is the last thing to go so they can probably hear everything that is going on around them until the point of death.

What do you call a person that cant hear?

A person who cannot hear is deaf.

Difference between listening and hearing?

Humans hear many sounds during their daily life and unconsciously do not remember some of them. Also a person can hear what another person is saying, but may feel either bored with the conversation or are too into themselves to care what the person is saying so they hear, but not listen and do not absorb any of the information.

Can a dead person hear you?

Yes, a dead person can hear you, spiritually, through prays.

What is a person that cannot hear or speak?

a person who cannot speak or hear is known as a mute

What do you call a person who cannot hear or see?

A person who cannot see is called a blind person and a person who cannot hear is called a deaf person.

What is a person called that cannot speak or hear?

a person who cannot speak or hear is known as a mute

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