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You can't breed Nintendogs, they stay puppies forever unless you use hacks.

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Q: How many times must i breed on nintendogs?
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Do your Nintendogs have to be the same breed to breed?

course not! you can have different breeds! but if you want to have a puppy they must be the same breed but not the same color..

On Nintendogs how many time must you feed your dog a day?


Can the Shetland sheepdog breed on Nintendogs?

You can't unless you own Chihuahua & Friends. If a friend has Chihuahua & Friends you can do Bark Mode with them and get the Shetland Sheepdog but, they must bring that breed in order for you to get it too. You can only get one breed per friend.

Will there be a Nintendogs 2?

maybe it depends if nintendogs is good enoughno there's already like 5 or 6yes there will be nintendogs 2 with like wolf pups and hyena ups, and best of all you can breed

Can Nintendogs breed?

Yes, but your trainer points must be at least 9,999. They must be the same breed and alone in the house. Feed them only milk and dry dog food. ( when the female gives birth, she'll wake up with puppies underneath her belly in the morning. )Only the mother's babies will grow up to be the same size as its parents. Then that's when it will never grow up.. Kinda like Never Land You can have as many trainer points.. it doesnt matter.. and you cannot take them for walks, and they must be the same breeds and yes you can bathe them.. but only feed them milk and dry food!

Why do people say Nintendogs cant get pregnant?

Because their WEIRDOS!!! If you want your (Girl) dog to get pregnant, she must be alone in a cage with a boy. If they jump on each other, put on a record to make them cuddle. They have to cuddle 100 times to have a baby. If you don't have time for your DS, plug it in the charger and leave it on all night long. Oh, and I'm sorry I didn't say this earlier, but you have to have 99,999 in trainer points. The girl dog and boy dog must be the same breed, but they do not have to be the same color. If you don't have 99,999 trainer points yet, you can go get shampoo, and leave the brush there overnight. You can only feed them Milk and dry food. Make sure you have at least 1000 dollars before you breed. You may not take the dogs on walks, nor the baby until he is grown. No contests. P.S If you wanna see my baby puppy, just look up Nintendogs Baby Puppy. The Picture has two Labs on the cover!

How do you breed Golden Retrievers in Nintendogs?

They can here are the steps >One you have to have a male and female< >Two you can only feed them milk and dry food< >Three don't play with them not even the male< >Four don't give them toys< >Five there personalities have to be the same and have to be there vary considerate and rarely get into fights< >Warning to breed you must have patience it will ether take 1 week and 4 days or 4 months< >P.s. it doesn't mater what dog breed you have but they have to be the same breed<

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