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Q: How many times obama taken the lsat?
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How many times can you take the lsat?

There is no limit. You can take it as many times as you wish.

How can you improve your lsat score?

There are many organizations that provide LSAT prep classes. Study the LSAT books and take practice exams.

How many times did Barack Obama get arrested?

Obama did not get arrested at all

How many times has Obama been married?

Once to Michelle Obama

How many trips has obama taken on airforce one?


How many times was Obama's dad divorced?

4 times

How many times were Jewish taken into captivity?

In Biblical times, they were taken twice, but subjugated many times.

How many times did Obama use the word change?

342 times!

How many times has Obama bypassed congress?


Has Obama been on a plane?

Yes, many times.

Did Obama Ramadan Dinner at the White House?

yes obama did have dinner in the white house many many times.

How many vacation days has Michelle Obama taken to this date?

180 days

How many troops have served in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I dont know but obama hasn't taken many out

How many times did Barack Obama get elected to be president?

Barack Obama was elected president two times, in 2008 and again in 2012.

How many times has obama appaered on tv this year?

Too Many

How many times did president Obama use executive power?

3 times

Did Obama think of his father and about all the god times?

yes he did many times!

How many times did Barack Obama blink in his last debate?

21343 times

How many times did Obama come to Ohio?

8 times so far.

How many times has Obama played golf while in office?

109 times

How many times can 9 be taken from 126?

9 can be taken from 126 14 times.

Where can I find lsat prep classes online?

The best place to take LSAT prep courses or to learn information about the LSAT in general is at This is the official website for the LSAT and includes many resources.

How many times does Obama go to church?

Once a week.

How many times Obama became the president of US?


How many times has Obama used the power to veto?