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The black, or hooked-lipped, rhino, along with all other rhino species, is an odd-toed ungulate (three toes on each foot).

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What are the behavioral adaptations of the black rhino?

they can eat grass with their mouth and lick there toes clean

How many different types of rhino is there?

i beieve its 5 -The Indain Rhino -Javan Rhino -Sumatran Rhino -Black Rhino -White Rhino

How many black rhino are there?

the population of rhino is 3000.

How many syllables in rhino?

2 in rhino (rhi-no)

How many types of rhino are there in the world?

There are 5 types of rhinos in the world. There is the Javan rhino, White rhino, Black rhino, Great One Horned rhino and Sumatran rhino. There is also one extinct rhino called the Woolly rhino.

How many offspring does a rhino have?

a rhino has 2 boths a year

How many toes does a budgie have?

They have 4 toes and it is ok if his or her toes are crusty

Are rhinos still alive?

There are many extinct species of rhino. However, there are five species of rhinos that are still alive on Earth. They are the black rhino, white rhino, Sumatran rhino, Indian rhino, and Javan rhino.

How many meters is a rhino?

That depends on the species of rhino. The largest rhino, the white rhino, is 3.4 meters to 4 meters long. The smallest rhino, the Sumatran rhino, is only 2.36 to 3.18 meters long.

How many toes can you have?

Normally, you have 5 toes!

How many toes do dogs have?

They have 4 toes.

How many toes do camels have?

They Have 8 Toes

How many toes does a schnauzer have?

they have 4 toes

How many toes do bats have?

they have 9 toes

How many toes does a hedgehog have?

5 toes

How many toes a monkey have?

19 toes

How many toes does a cactus have?

they have 73 toes

How many toes does cheese have?

Cheese has no toes.

How many toes does a panda have?

They have 5 toes

How many toes do fish have?

Fish do not have toes.

How many pages does The Soul of the Rhino have?

The Soul of the Rhino has 256 pages.

How many tusks does an Indian rhino have?

An Indian Rhino has only one tusk and the African Rhino has two tusks.

How many toes do people?

10 toes 5 toes on each foot

How many toes do Asian elephants have?

how many toes does an asian elephant have

How many toes do toads have?

Toads have 4 front toes, and 5 back toes.

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