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Average corn yield for the farms in 2012 to 2014 was 7.85 metric tons per hectare (125 bushels per acre). Average farm yields ranged from approximately 5.79 metric tons per hectare for one of the Brazilian farms (92 bushels per acre) to 10.75 metric tons per hectare for the Iowa farm (171 bushels per acre).

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How many tons of cassava makes an hectare of land?

Tonnes and hectares have no correlation.

How many wheat can one harvest per ha?

The current world record is 15.6 tonnes per hectare. The worldwide average is considerably less, around 3 to 4 tonnes / ha.

How many trees in a hectare of Amazon rain forest?

Approximately 900 tonnes of plant matter, including 750 types of trees and 1,500 other plants

How many acres are in a hectare?

1 hectare = 2.4710538147 acres

How many acres to the hectare?

1 hectare = 2.471053815 acres

How many acre in a hectare?

1 hectare = 2.471 acres.

How many sections in a hectare?

Hectare is approx 2.5 acres.

How many acres are in hectare?

One hectare is about 2.47 acres.

How many acre is an hectare?

1 hectare = 2.471 acres

How many acres is in an hectare?

1 hectare is 2.47 acres

How many tumoli in a hectare?

1 Hectare= 8.9 Tumoli

How many square meters are in 41551.71 hectare?

1 hectare 10000 m2 ⇒ 41551.71 hectare = 41551710 m2

How many acres make an hectare?

2.47 acres per hectare.

How many equal acres Hectare?

About 2.47 acres in one hectare.

How many meters are there in a hectare?

One hectare is 10,000 metres square.

How many acres make a hectare?

1 hectare = 2.47 acres.

How many hectare for one acre?

2.471 acres per hectare

How many acres are there in1.000 hectare?

1 hectare = 2.47105381 acres

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