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Really, Trees, both leafy and otherwise, reflect sunshine in very particular patterns, making it possible for satellites to map and computers to count strips of land where trees are. Biologists can then sample those places - forests, suburbs, city parks, even city streets - assume a tree density, multiply by acre or hectare, and calculate that. In 2005, there were 400,246,300,201 (more or less) trees on our globe. (That's over 400 billion, for those of you who have trouble working through the commas.) ***EDIT*** - Strange, 400 billion trees only averages out to 60 trees to every 1 human being? Most scientist agree that the data needed to complete the complex mathematics required to accurately approximate the number of trees on the planet Earth simply does not exist. The truth is, we have no idea. Estimates have ranged from anywhere between 1 to 10 trillion trees currently inhabit the surface of the Earth (a considerably noticeable gap can easily be observed between these two figures lol). The number you quoted above (400,246,300,201) was a study funded by an extremely liberal organization which went on to claim (outrageously) that over 50% of the trees on the planet Earth have been harvested/destroyed by human beings. If this were true, the entire human population would have been swept away in an enormous fresh water flood and any remaining survivors would eventually die from starvation, soil degradation/poisoning and/or extreme atmospheric deterioration. I'll let the rest of you decide what you CHOOSE to believe.

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Q: How many trees are there on earth?
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about 200 billion trees on earth

How many trees are left in the earth?

there are about more then billion trees

How many trees are planted on earth day?

thousands and thousands of trees are planted

How many maple trees on earth?

It's not possible to inventory the precise number of trees.

How many types of mangoes are there in the earth?

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How many trees are on earth?

about 90-120 billion

Many people plant these on earth day?


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To make the earth not to hot with many trees there

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Bristlecone pines are the oldest living trees on Earth.

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There are about 115 species of pine tree.

Why are trees important for life on earth?

trees are important to the earth because without trees we wouldn't get any air and we would die

What happens if you ran out of trees because of deforestation?

The earth would no longer have trees. Also, the amount of life the earth could sustain would drop drastically, and many species would die out.

How can earth have so many trees when you have hurricanes and earthquakes?

For one thing, there are many places on Earth that don't have hurricanes or major earthquakes. Second, earthquakes generaly do not have a significant effect on trees. Third, trees do have some ability to survive hurricanes, and overall, most areas will go long enough between significant hurricane impacts for the trees to recover.

How do trees pollute the environment?

trees can polute the earth many ways. 1: when people cut down trees and make paper out of the bark and dont recycle and litter the earth. 2: the trees start forest fires, but if people help keep the trees healthy then they probably wont start fires! 3: the trees leak out certain gasses when not kept and healthy.

Why does earth have oxygen?

Earth has oxygen because we have trees.

How many plants does earth have?

There are in trillions of plants growing all around the Earth. They range from single blades of grass to huge trees.

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trees are the ornaments of mother earth. just as ornaments contribute to beauty and well being trees are responsible for the beautification of earth. the trees present on the earth cover it like an endless green blanket hence save trees

What is a list of the benefits of planting trees?

There are many benefits associated with planting trees. Among the benefits is more oxygen for the earth and future habitats for wildlife.

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There are 205679 trees on earth (types) including maston,viviton and coltomapontalo

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ther is many answers but i dont know any

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What are the uses of trees?

Trees in the rainforests produce 90% of oxygen on Earth

How many trees are on the world?

The number of trees in the world is incalculable. However, there are some answers related to this question. There are over 100,00 species of trees in the world according to the World Resources Institute. Trees cover 29.6% of the land on Earth.

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How can planting trees help the earth?

Because the trees take up carbon and increase cloudiness, which helps to cool the earth.