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Recycling paper is not only important because it saves trees but also because it reduces pollution and it conserves valuable energy.

If everybody in the US recycled only our daily newspapers we would save 250 million trees a year!

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how many recycled piece of paper save a tree

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Q: How many trees can be saved by recycling?
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How many trees are saved each year by recycling?


How many trees have been saved by recycling?

250 million

How many trees are saved by recycling a tone of paper?


How many trees saved by recycling cardboard?

By recycling one small adverage cardboard box saves 5 trees

What renewable resource can be saved by recycling paper?

Trees ,trees , and more trees.

What natural resource can be saved by recycling paper?


Why should we recycle?

Recycling is important because if you recycle you can give another life to your rubbish. Many trees can be saved and we will have a better environment.

How many trees could you save by recycling pop-cans regular paper?

over 14 million tree would be saved

How many trees do you save by recycling 557 lbs of paper?

10 trees

Recycling 1 ton of paper saves how many trees?

17 trees

What is called energy bank because of the energy saved in it's recycling?

Aluminium is called ''Energy Bank'' because the energy saved in recycling.

How many trees can you save by recycling A tone of paper?


How many tree are saved by recycling one ton of cardboard?

over 9000

How many trees are saved if you recycle a ton of paper?

12 trees

Recycling paper saves how many trees?

Depends on how much you recycle.

How many kilograms of bauxite are saved by recycling one kilogram of aluminium cans?


How much energy is saved by recycling aluminum cans?

The energy saved by recycling one aluminum can is the equivalent to running a TV for four hours.

How does recycling save trees?

Recycling makes a BIG difference. All paper that is recycled goes to a special factory that washes ink of paper and creates new sheets to start a new process. This helps because paper is made from trees and by recycling, not as many trees have to be chopped down!!!!! :-)

How many liters of water are saved by recycling 1 ton paper?

none you dqmn blockheads

What would happen if people stopped recycling?

As you see, papers are made out of trees. So if we stopped recycling, we will be wasting a lot of trees.

What natural resources are saved by recycling?

they are recycled resources

How much money is saved by recycling?


What natural resources are saved by recycling cardboard?


How many hours could you run a TV on the energy you save by recycling just one can?

You can run a TV for three hours on the energy saved by recycling one aluminium can.

Where is deleted data saved in a computer?

it is stored in recycling bin after deleting it from recycling bin it is mostly not recoverable