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How many trees does each UK family use per year in waste paper?

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About a twig. It takes many papers even to equal one tree.

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The UK does a fairly good job of recycling paper. About 50 percent of the paper used is recovered and recycled in some way. That is about nine million tons of paper.

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Q: How many trees does 1 UK family use per year in waste paper?
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How newspaper effect in Pakistani's economy?

It is a waste of paper and you don't have as many trees.

Why you should not waste paper?

Paper is produced from wood pulp. Since this pulp ultimately comes from trees and we only have/can have so many trees, paper is a finite resource.

How many trees does each UK family use per year in waste paper?

If an average family recycled all of their paper, this would save 3 trees worth of paper every 6 months. Each person in the UK uses 15 trees worth of paper every year Every year we need a forest the size of Wales to provide all the paper we use in Britain.

How many trees were used in the last year to make paper?

Approximately 4 billion trees or 35% of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries annually. Have you ever thought that the paper you use is made out of how many trees? The paper you use is made out of 10 trees.Please do not waste paper and use it intelligently.And yes daily almost '2,00,000' of trees are cut down!

How many trees are cut down to make a newspaper?

500,000 trees for and issuse and less than half a tree for one paper. the average family use about 3 trees a year on newspapers

Why should you use recycled paper?

Because it's good for the environment and it will save more trees. If we don't recycle and just throw it away, we have to cut down more trees to make more paper that would be unnecessary if we would just reuse the paper that we already have made. Recyclable paper helps the environment because it stops a lot of used paper being put into waste dumps or burn, and also if you recycle paper it means manufacturers don't have to cut down more trees to make paper.

How do you deal with waste after the production of pulp and paper?

Many paper mills recycle much of the waste that comes from production. Paper mills are usually very environmentally friendly.

How many trees do you save by recycling 557 lbs of paper?

10 trees

How much trees do you save if you don't use a paper bag per month?

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!Can save many trees if you can do it but you need a family thing to do thisYou can save millions of treesBut it is better if you do it for 3 weeksThen you can save billions of trees and paperYou could use less paper by using the back tooRemember the back is still okay of the paper!!!!That is how you can doThank you if you do this it helps the environment

Every ton of recykled office paper saves how many trees?

17 trees

How many trees are cut every year to make paper products?

About 15 to 17 trees are used to produce 1 ton of paper.

How many people wastes paper?

all Americans usually waste paper almost every day