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How many triangles in an undecagon?

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There are 11 triangles in an undecagon. The number of sides of a polygon is the number of triangles it has.

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How many triangles does a undecagon have?

There are 9 triangles in an 11 sided shape

How many triangles does it take to make a undecagon?

Nine, as a n-gon can be cut in n-2 triangles.

How many triangles in a undecagon?

The proper term for an 11 sided polygon is a hendecagon (undecagon is a mix of latin and greek roots) and you can triangulate it with as many triangles as you like. There is a minimum number of triangles though. The smallest i could get is 9, but you might be able to get it smaller

How many sides is a undecagon?

An undecagon has 11 sides.

How many sides are there in an undecagon?

An undecagon is an 11 sided polygon

How many diagonals of the undecagon?

undecagon has 43 diagonals (answer by erwin handsome)

How many sides a pentagon nonagonseptagon and undecagon?

a undecagon has eleven sides and angles.

How many vertices does an undecagon have?


How many sides does a undecagon has?

11 sides

How many degrees inside undecagon?

An undecagon is an 11 sided shape and its interior angles add up to 1620 degrees

How many diagonals does a undecagon have?

A undecagon has 44 diagonals. A dodecagon has 54 diagonals. An octagon has 20 diagonals. A heptagon has 14 diagonals.

How many sides are in a undecagon?

An undecagon has eleven sides. That means that it has more sides than a decagon and fewer sides than a dodecagon.

How many lines of symmetry does an undecagon?

None or 11.

What degrees is a undecagon?

An undecagon, or figure with 11 sides. has an interior angle of 147o

how many triangles are in the diagram?


How many triangles are in 1 triangles?

there are 27 triangles in a triangle

How many triangles are in a triangle with 25 triangles inside?

48 triangles

How many triangles are their in a 17 gon?

There are 15 triangles in a 17-agon

How many diagonals are in a 11- gon?

There are 44 diagonals in an 11 sided undecagon

How many triangles are in a dodecagon?

15 triangles!!!!!!!!!!

How many triangles can you find in a square?

no triangles

How many triangles in a Fifteenagon?

15 triangles

How many triangles on the Australian flag?

There are no triangles.

How many triangles does a quindecagon have?

it has 13 triangles

How many triangles are in a 5x5 grid?

depends on what size triangles and what kind of triangles?