How many troops are in the British military?

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Today there are a Total of 2,475,967 soldiers in the Military. There is 507,158 soldiers in the army, 347,693 soldiers in the navy, 347,352 soldiers in the air force, 179,762 marines, and a total of 1,381,965 DODs

How many troops in the US military?

Today there are a Total of 2,475,967 soldiers in the Military. There is 507,158 soldiers in the army, 347,693 soldiers in the navy, 347,352 soldiers in the air force, 179,762 marines, and a total of 1,381,965 DODs

Why were British troops sent to Boston?

They were sent because of the quartering act which was a act thatthe colonists had to give food and shelter to the troops andbecause the troops were to watch over the colonists so they won'trebel or -protest or any against things.

Why do you think many colonists remained Loyalists after the first fighting with British troops broke out?

The Boston Port Acts (the intolerable acts) had one factor of five factor's quartering act. This meant that the colonists had to house the Redcoats in their homes and provide Beer, boot wax and bedding. With the British in their homes it made it hard for colonists to smuggle rum sugar and molasses i ( Full Answer )

How many British troops were killed at Lexington?

There was 173 killed during Lexington and concord. And about 204 others were injured. The question asks how many were killed at Lexington. The answer is zero. There was one British soldier of the 10th infantry slightly wounded, but there were no other British casualties at Lexington. Later in th ( Full Answer )

How did military troops treat the buffalo soldiers?

The Buffalo soldiers were part of the Union army and mainly stationed in the Western areas. They were the first National Park service rangers. They seem to have been well respected.

How many British troops were stationed in Singapore in 1952?

There were only 600 British troops stationed in Singapore by 1952.Many had already been shipped off to fight in Korea. Over half ofthe troops were conscripted. The rest were regular army, whorepresented the core of the units, short-term volunteers, andreservists.

Did British troops occupy Baghdad in WW1?

The British captured Baghdad in 1917 right before the end of WWI. There is on the net a very illuminating letter from Lawrence of Arabia, written to the Times if my memory serves, written in 1921. It compares to the situation there as we speak !

When did british troops enter Germany?

British troops fought on the German border during operation Market Garden, defending the Nijmegen (Holland) area from counterattacks in the Reichswald forest area. This fighting heavily involved the US 82nd Airborne Division. This was in September 1944. Soon after and further south, US troops ent ( Full Answer )

Nickname of British troops?

Red Coats, because they wore uniforms that included a red coat with brass buttons. (Or Lobsterbacks). A common British Soldier was also called a Tommy (or Tommy Atkins) by French and Commonwealth troops, particularly during the First World War time period. Jocks for those in a Scottish Regiment an ( Full Answer )

Why did the British send troops to Boston?

Boston send troops to Boston to protect the tax collectors and as well as some loyalists that are loyal to the crown, because at that time the colonists and the Parliament felt pretty abominable in that period for each other. Also, to keep the colonists in the British control.

What is the term name for the british troops?

British troops are usually referred to as squaddies. Many years ago Tommy (Atkins) was the common term. Pongo (because every where the army goes the pong goes) was a less flattering name, as was "brown jobs", (although these last two were normally used by the other armed services to refer to the a ( Full Answer )

Who was the commander of the British forces who ordered his troops to destroy the military stores at Concord in April of 1775?

On the 15 of April 1775, when General Thomas Gage, British Military Governor of Massachusetts, was ordered to destroy the rebel's military stores at Concord. To accomplish this he assembled the "Flanking units", including Light Infantry and Grenadiers, from his Boston Garrison. In charge he put Lieu ( Full Answer )

Why were british troops stationed in Boston?

During the American Revolutionary Period, British troops werestationed throughout the Colonies even before formal war broke out.Their duties included providing security for the colonists andenforcing obedience to the laws and other regulations laid down bythe British government.

British troops fired on colonists?

"Come on Rascals, you bloody lobster-backs. the british said "Fire if you dare" someone got knocked over and a colonists and the gun fired the shot "THATZ SWAG RIGHT THERE!"

When did the British send troops to Boston?

The British sent their troops to Boston in 1768 because the British customs agents ask for protection from the Townshend Act protesters. The troops camp in the center of the city as a show of great and mighty force.

How many soldiers are in the British military?

As of November 2011 the numbers are this: Army - 109,520 ( Regular ) + 33,100 ( TA soldiers ) RAF - 41,330 ( Regular ) + 1500 ( Volunteer Reserves ) Royal Navy - 36,640 ( Regular ) + 2,300 ( Volunteer Reserves ) The SDSR (The Strategic Defense and Security Review) are affecting the n ( Full Answer )

What were some disadvantages the British troops had?

\nThe British troops in the late 19th century and early 20th century were disadvantaged in the following ways:\n1) Their clothing was made of inferior material and limited their moblility in the height of battle.\n2) Their accents made cross-cultural communication difficult. \n3) Their undeveloped u ( Full Answer )

Why did British troops withdraw from Boston?

\nGeneral Washington had his troops encamped in the heights above Boston. He could attack in one of two ways. He had canon aimed at their troops. In addition, Washington had already won one battle and had a fantastic reputation from the French and Indian War. The British felt they were trapped and h ( Full Answer )

What was the weakness of the british troops?

Wow, I cannot believe someone actually asked this qtn. Think about it. Who knows YOUR backyard more than you do?? NO ONE! Top that off with this... What were the British wearing during the RW? RED! And how did they fight typically??? In BIG BROAD LINES AFTER LINES! Now, think about us. We were in ou ( Full Answer )

What happened when the british troops were in the colonies?

Actually many things happened. The colonists felt that the troops were being used to keep them quiet, and to suppress them. The crown passed many laws that the colonists didn't like, and they there fore revolted. You probably should research this a lot further

Why are British troops in Northern Ireland?

During the troubles, from 1969 to 1994, they were present due tothe terrorism that was going on and other problems. Since thesigning of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, their numbers havebeen reduced and they are no longer a feature in Northern Ireland.

How did the british troops retreat from Boston?

During the Revolutionary war, there was an 11 month siege of Bostonby American troops who were under the command of George Washington.British General William Howe decided to avoid a repeat of theBattle of Bunker Hill and retreated, with the drawing the remainingBritish troops from Boston.

Why are British troops fighting in Afghanistan?

(The Troops are fighting for oil in afghan) previous answer It is because the evil people (taliban) are shooting people and simply the british and American troops have gone to help

Why were the British troops in Boston 1768?

The French and Indian War is the common U.S. name for the war between Great Britain and France in North America from 1754 to 1763. In 1756, the war erupted into the world-wide conflict known as the Seven Years' War which involved the colonies in North American. Boston was a strategic port in that ( Full Answer )

How many men in a military troop?

That depends on the type of unit you are talking about. An armor platoon has sixteen men. A mechanized infantry division has around twenty thousand.

Why did the British move their troops to the south?

"After their devastating defeat at Saratoga, the British changed their military strategy; in the summer of 1778 they began to shift their operations to the South. There, the British hoped to rally Loyalist support, reclaim their former colonies in the region, and then slowly fight their way back nor ( Full Answer )

How many british troops were killed in the battle of saratoga?

7,200 (first battle) [1] 6,600 (second battle) [2] . 9,000 (first battle) [3] over 12,000 (second battle) [2] over 15,000 (at time of surrender) [4] . Casualties and losses . 440 killed 695 wounded 6,222 captured. 7,200 the first battle and 6,600 the second Yuhdig

Under the President's Military powers how many days can he put troops into combat before Congress steps in and makes him remove the troops from combat?

Nixon ordered US troops into Cambodia on 01 May 1970; the men were told that it would be a 60 day operation, and that they had to be out of Cambodia when those 60 days were up. The following year in '71, US forces couldn't go into Laos; they had to work the border only. The ARVN went in though (and ( Full Answer )

What branch of the military has more troops overseas?

The Army is the U.S main land/combat branch and the largest too. The Army controls all of Iraq and 90 percent of Afghanistan, while the Marine Corps controls one province. 80 percent of all troops deployed overseas are Army soldiers.

Why did King George have british troops in Boston?

British Troops were in Boston because it was a major sea port and after the 7 Years war, (French and Indian War) it was a major strategic port that allowed for control of the Northeast and support to Canada and the removal of former French citizens to New Orleans.

Were there any black troops in British army?

Yes. There have been confirmed black soldiers in the British Army since the 17th Century; black soldiers from London and other British ports fought at Waterloo, not to mention the hundreds of Jamaican troops who formed West Indian Regiments to protect British interests during this era. During t ( Full Answer )

Was the british troops in the north?

Of America, yes, before they were withdrawn after the war of Independence ended in 1779. Of Ireland, yes, during the Troubles in 1960s-90s, before many of them were withdrawn as part of the peace process.

Why are US military troops in south Korea?

During the Korean war the North Korean troops took over almost the whole Korean peninsula. Only due the US led UN troops intervention did the South Korean survive. After Some back and forth fighting with the US + South Korean troops agains North Korean + Chinese troops did the border stabilize where ( Full Answer )

Why did British troops march you Concord?

Their task was to capture John Hancock and and Samuel Adams and destroy the military depot established by the Continental Congress there.

Where can one find British troops?

The British Army currently has troops deployed in Afghanistan under the name Operation Herrick. Troops are also deployed in Africa, Canada and Cyprus.