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How many types of doctors are there?


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There are 77 different types of doctors.


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there are usually only two types of pediatricians. They are doctors of medicine and doctors of Osteopathic medicine.

A doctorate of which there are many types.

for certain types but not many

There are many types of doctors. Some of the different type of doctors include chiropractors, surgeons, internists, cardiologists and neurologists.

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There are many types of doctors in a variety of fields. In order to write prescriptions, an individual must be a licensed physician (MD or DO).

There are many types of health care providers. These include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational care therapists, clinical psychologists and many more.

Male-doctor Female-nurse That is not always the case. There are many types of doctors, male and female as goes the same for nurses. As for why you call doctors, basically for any type of medical emergency or concern..

Too many to list, but below is a link to one of the most notorious Nazi Doctors' during WWII

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yes, they are specialized types of doctors.

Generally speaking they are pediatricians.

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Many different types of doctors can treat Migraine. The doctors who are best qualified to diagnose, treat and manage patients are board certified Migraine and headache specialists.

There are way to many doctors in the world to know the correct answer to this question. There happens to be more male doctors than female doctors in the world, but there is no exact number on how many female doctors there are.

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there are all types there are even foot doctors and yes therapists count as doctors here are a few I know: obsterics, pedatrician, therapy, surgeons, vets, ER doctors (what I hope to be) cardiologists (this is who killed my idol :,( ) hopefully this helps but its me little old 13 yr old :) -LJ

Some types of medical jobs are doctors, nurses, hospital administration and doctors assistants. These are all pretty good paying jobs and there is always a need.

Doctors can determine positive or negative blood types by administering a test. The difference between positive and negative types is the presence of the RH factor. Positive blood types indicate the presence of the RH factor while negative blood types do not have this factor.

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Mesothelioma doctors provide many services to the patient and families. Some of these services include, pathology,counseling, oncology, radiation, pain management, surgical and palliative care.

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