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There are 77 different types of doctors.

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Q: How many types of doctors are there?
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What degree do doctors need?

A doctorate of which there are many types.

Do doctors have a cure cancer?

for certain types but not many

How many different types of pediatrician jobs are there?

there are usually only two types of pediatricians. They are doctors of medicine and doctors of Osteopathic medicine.

How many doctors work on surgical operations?

what is types of sex

Who many types of doctors do you have in the world?

tarnveers taxi family

Type of doctors?

There are many types of doctors. Some of the different type of doctors include chiropractors, surgeons, internists, cardiologists and neurologists.

What are some of the different types of doctors?

what type of doctors are there

How much money do the different types of doctors earn?

Different types of doctors,their work and salaries..............

What are the different types of pediatrician?

baby doctors and med. doctors

Do research doctors write prescriptions for pain?

There are many types of doctors in a variety of fields. In order to write prescriptions, an individual must be a licensed physician (MD or DO).

What are the types of health care providers?

There are many types of health care providers. These include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational care therapists, clinical psychologists and many more.

What types of experiments were carried out in concentration camps by Nazi doctors?

Too many to list, but below is a link to one of the most notorious Nazi Doctors' during WWII

Why do you call doctors?

Male-doctor Female-nurse That is not always the case. There are many types of doctors, male and female as goes the same for nurses. As for why you call doctors, basically for any type of medical emergency or concern..

How many doctors are in bangledesh?

Many Many Doctors are in BD.

What types of childrens doctors?

Generally speaking they are pediatricians.

What types of doctors treat broken bones?


Is a radiologist a doctor?

yes, they are specialized types of doctors.

How many doctors in Philippines?

hopw many doctors in the philippines

How many types of doctors is there and there name?

There are too many kinds of doctors to list all of them here, but I will list a few for you. If you need a specific type, then try reasking with some more direction.AnesthesiologistSurgeonObstetricianGynecologistPediatricianNeonatologistHematologistNephrologistHepatologistPulmonologistGasteroenterologistCardiologistRadiologistOrhopedistRheumatologistNeurologistPsychiatristOphthalomologistInfectious disease specialistInternal medicineGeneral practitionerRehab specialistDermatologistENTProctologistUrologistOncologistAnd many many more

How many Doctors In Haitit?

there are 412 doctors

What are all the different types if doctors?

i'm in likable place

What types of companies employ people as doctors?

Clinics and hospitals

What types of separation do doctors use?

i dont know, google it

What kind of tests do family doctors use for drug screens?

What types of drugs are doctors testing for on their drug tests

How many doctors are women?

There are way to many doctors in the world to know the correct answer to this question. There happens to be more male doctors than female doctors in the world, but there is no exact number on how many female doctors there are.