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There are 7 main classification of Planets. They are classified into the following groups;

* Inferior Planets * Superior Planets * Inner Planets * Outer Planets * Terrestial Planets, * Jovian Planets * Gas Giants

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How were dwarf planets formed?

There are many different types of planets in the galaxy. Dwarf planets were formed from left over space debris created by the formation of the rest of the planets.

How many planets are in space?

We do not know how many planets there are in space. But the answer would be in Billions or trillions. There are 8 planets in our Solar System.

Why are planets out in space?

Because Planets are one of the only types of celestial bodies able to fill space, and they are being held in space by gravity. if you want a scientific answer, the big bang would be the reason planets are in space. if you want a religious answer: God put them there.

How many mountains are there in space?

There are mountains on planets in space but there is no number on how many.

What Are the kinds of planets?

there are many types of planets some are exoplanets dwarf planets and inside planets and outside planets.

How many planets are there in space all together?

There are 9 planets, including Pluto

Why is there so many planets in space?

They are so many planets in the space because the big bang made space. And in that time the Giant rock banged together and became a planet. In each galaxy there is many planets. In the center part of the gallaxy is the black hole.

How many planets there is in the space?

In space there are nine planets in space. If you would like to know what are the names. Here are the list of planets: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

What are asteroids made of and what are the different types of asteroids?

They are made of space rock from different planets or mostly pieces of satellites or from a space ship.

What is a sentence using the word space?

Space is wonderful place with many marvelous planets out there.

Why do planets have to be in space?

If they aren't in space, then where else can they be?

Are there storms in space?

On planets, but not in open space.

Why are there so many planets in outer space?

Officially there are eight planets, plus other dwarf planets and minor planets (asteroids). It is conjectured that many stars also have planets, and a few of these have been discovered, so it is now believed that many or most stars might possess planets.

How many planets can fit in Jupiter?

all the planets in our solar system can fit inside Jupiter with space to spare

What are reasons for space travel?

to explore many different planets, galaxies, comets, possible planets we can live on, etc.

How do you get to the planets?

You get to the planets by a rocket or a space shuttle.

What is the space in between stars and planets called?

The space between stars is known as interstellar space, space between planets is known as interplanetary space.

How many dwarf planets are there in space?

There are currently 5 dwarf planets in our Solar System with many more candidates. In the whole universe..... trillions.

How many planits are the?

Over 10 planets have been formed in space

How many ways do planets move?

they can orbit or rotate around in space

What do the planets have to do with astronomy?

Astronomy is all about the things in outer space and planets are in outer space.

Which planets have the most space between them?

The planets that have the most space between them are mercury and Pluto.

What are two types of planets?

there are gas planets and rock planets

How is satellite different from other types of space probes?

It orbits the erath, either a geostationary orbit or a relativly changing orbit. Space probes leave orbit and go off to investigate other planets and space objects.

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